Milan women’s fashion

Versace at the Milan Fashion Week

The runway shows and presentations dedicated to women’s fashion have just concluded, featuring the fashion proposals for the upcoming autumn-winter season. A clean wardrobe that doesn’t shy away from eccentric touches, capable of portraying a chameleon-like and eclectic woman.

For Iceberg, always moving forward is the essence of the brand; “Iceberg is synonymous with optimism, with positive energy. This has been its philosophy since the first collections, and it fills me with joy to celebrate its 50th anniversary by drawing from the archives to chart the future path,” declares creative director James Long. The new coats, crafted with raw cuts, are reversible and offer an elegant versatility that allows them to be worn on both sides: one side in refined faux leather and the other with a herringbone pattern. The unmistakable Scottie emblems on the soft Scottish knit cardigans, on the other hand, are a direct tribute to the brand’s heritage.

Iceberg at the Milan Fashion Week

Francesca Liberatore, always balancing between artistic performance and fashion show, welcomes her audience to the Milanese temple of music for the next collection: the Verdi Hall of the Milan Conservatory. In the unusual blend of fashion, classical music, art, and performance, models come alive among the audience: black blocks with falling silhouettes reflect colors that instead gather the instrumental sections, sugar paper, gray, camel, powder, peacock for sumptuous finely woven wool tank tops, silk shirts, and jacquard trousers.

Francesca Liberatore at the Milan Fashion Week
Francesca Liberatore

For Maryling, “Winter Snowflake Adventure” is a memory of a day skiing among the snowy peaks of Madonna di Campiglio. A magical immersion in nature becomes the pretext for creating an elegant and comfortable, modern and colorful collection, which captivatingly reinterprets the evolution of sport and its style, increasingly recognizable, iconic, luxuriously functional, and in dialogue with fashion.

Maryling at the Milan Fashion week

Chiara Boni celebrates bourgeois punk that reflects the most authentic spirit of British fashion. Profoundly irreverent, yet always elegant. A suitcase of travel memories, made up of unpublished pieces reinterpreted by her Italian style. Tartan and Scottish patterns steal the spotlight, dyeing the wardrobe with a cozy and timeless atmosphere.

Chiara Boni at the Milan Fashion Week
Chiara Boni

For Martino Midali, feminine essence is a concentrated blend of multifaceted and versatile style in which every woman recognizes herself and finds her DNA. Far from compromises and faithful to a single belief, authenticity. The designer has translated this vision into an inclusive and democratic fashion, designed for all women who wear his creations as a manifesto, on them and for them.

Martino Midali at the Milan Fashion Week
Martino Midali

Donatella Versace states that: “This collection has a rebellious attitude and a gentle heart. The woman is a good girl with a wild soul. The man is her soulmate, a shy genius. They are breaking the rules to create new ones. The clothes take the codes of contemporary formal tailoring and disrupt them with cuts, drapes, and embellishments. The collection focuses on pure lines, innovative fabrics, considered wild. This is us. This is Versace!” The sartorial power of the Maison is pushed to extremes: proportions shift from the maxi-length of dusters and tailored suits, to cropped jackets and miniskirts.

Versace at the Milan Fashion Week

Debuting on the calendar is Cosy Sunday, inspired by the quintessence of Italian winter holidays, “La Settimana Bianca” (The winter sports week), translating the joyful spirit of alpine retreats into a versatile wardrobe. The collection pays homage to the serenity of snowy landscapes, the warmth of gathering by the hearth, and the elegance of après-ski culture. Each piece is carefully designed to harmonize with the various dress codes of winter holidays, from cozy evenings at home to the sophisticated atmosphere of luxurious mountain resorts.

Cosy Sunday at the Milan Fashion Week
Cosy Sunday

Valentina Della Rosa has presented her new collection, original and absolutely sartorial. Where the DNA of the brand is found: style, elegance, femininity, and a careful study of materials blend into uniqueness and particularity. An intimate and special luxury, the truest one, directed towards oneself. The color palette predominantly plays with black and white, colors that become the metaphor for the two opposite souls of a woman, contrasting but at the same time inseparable.

Valentina Della Rosa at the Milan Fashion Week
Valentina Della Rosa

Philipp Plein takes center stage in Milan in a show that can only be faithful to the brand’s eccentric nature. Drawing inspiration from urban landscapes, the collection captures the essence of contemporary luxury by embracing the distinctive aesthetics of the brand. From bold monogram prints to intricate crystal embellishments, each piece exemplifies craftsmanship and attention to detail. In an incredible architectural setting, the fashion show is a celebration of energy, sensuality, and sex appeal.

Philipp Plein at the Milan Fashion Week
Philipp Plein

Valentino Odorico

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