At Milan Fashion Week the new trends parade

Milano Fashion Week - Giorgio Armani

Lots of femininity for the upcoming S/S 2024.

Milan Fashion Week has just ended, and the new women’s collections for Spring/Summer 2024 showed on the catwalks.

So many ideas were presented but, certainly, what emerged was a return of a very strong attention to detail, to a tailoring that emphasizes the female silhouette. Major protagonists are micro-tailleurs, suits, jackets; warm colors, often in solid colors and pastel shades.

For Giorgio Armani the “Vibes” are very important: colors, sensations, feelings. The wardrobe is fluid, precious, composed of soft pants and low heels.

Giorgio Armani

From the East comes the poetry of the brand Loora Wang Pwd: tailored lines, attention to detail, precious fabrics; for the designer, elegance comes through monochrome, delicate prints, where silk becomes like a second skin.

Loora Wang Pwd

Aigner returned at Milan Fashion Week presenting the collection inspired by the artistic dimension of the late 19th century “Arts and Crafts” movement. The main themes of the movement are a return to craftsmanship and the use of high-quality materials of natural and sustainable origin, both key elements of the new collection. Themes also taken up in their visual translation with colors derived from the floral and naturalistic universe, lush and refined patterns.


Drusilla Foer opened the show of Chiara Boni La Petite Robe with a performance, dedicating Charlie Chaplin’s Smile to the Florentine designer. Bold colors and the magical vibes of an adventurous African journey are the mood of the collection. The brand’s globetrotting and super chic women land in the city after a trip to the wilderness, with a positive attitude reflected in their stylish and joyful wardrobe. Choosing comfort without sacrificing sophistication, women wear dresses and suits with cuts that enhance the female figure; an eye-catching color palette, including shades of green, ink, orange and topaz, perfectly balanced with timeless shades of midnight blue and black.

Chiara Boni La Petite Robe

“MARYLING University, finding the new you”: a manifesto and at the same time a statement of purpose the one encapsulated in SS24 of MARYLING which reflects life’s transformative moments, experiences, curiosity and freedom to explore; the shapes are tailored and essential, often combined with multicolor silk.


In this Milan Fashion Week, original and absolutely sartorial is the idea of Valentina Della Rosa: style, elegance, femininity and a careful study of materials come together in uniqueness and particularity. An innovative and avant-garde concept, refined, luxurious and unique creations ready only to be worn, where fine cottons, silks and laces are the story of true Made in Italy.

Valentina Della Rosa

Valentino Odorico

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