The Arona – Stresa – Arona race in its fourth edition

Arona - Stresa - Arona

The Historical Reenactment of Italy’s oldest race is back.

The Arona – Stresa – Arona is an automotive event that has a 126-year history since it was first established. The event, which took place on September 9th and 10th, featured the most beautiful and glorious vintage cars, and was received with particular enthusiasm not only by classic car enthusiasts, but also by the public who had the opportunity to admire these jewels along the banks of the Lake Maggiore.

Alessandro Ciapparelli, event promoter and historic car collector, states: “This edition of the Arona – Stresa – Arona exceeded all expectations in terms of turnout, turning into an unforgettable event for vintage motor enthusiasts, but also for the local community. Seeing the streets of our town invaded by these precious pieces of history and the enthusiasm with which they were received fills us with pride.”.

A total of 26 precious cars took part in the event and departed from the city of Arona and stopped in the municipalities of Meina, Solcio di Lesa, Belgirate, arriving in the afternoon at Stresa, where a city circuit was held that could transport crews and spectators to the time of the first race.

On the evening of Saturday, September 9th, a gala dinner was held at the Grand Hotel Dino of Baveno, where several cars were awarded: the oldest Italian car, the Fiat type 2 1913 By Davide Rizzi and the jewel of yesteryear. Renault Voiturette Type C from 1900 of Greze Jean Alin as the oldest classic car in the event.

On Sunday, September 10th, the crews departed from the hotel heading for Lesa, to indulge in refreshments on the lakefront and then parade through the streets of the old town.

Maurizio Cavezzali, chairman of the organizing committee of the Historical Reenactment states: “This fourth edition of the Arona – Stresa – Arona will remain indelible, and the organizing committee is grateful to those who contributed to this outstanding success. We look forward to the future, committed to preserving and celebrating the rich history of vintage cars and continuing to strengthen the fabric of our community through this shared passion.”.

Ensuring prestige and support for the event was the participation of ACI Storico, a point of reference for fans and collectors of historic cars, while the institutional partner of reference and co-organizer for this edition was theACI of Verbano Cusio.

Carlo De Bernardi

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