Scented horoscope: perfumes for the sign of Aquarius

Mint leaves and soft incense for spiritual and hypnotic fragrances.

As an Air sign, Aquarius is among the largest and oldest constellations in the zodiac, commonly represented by a man carrying an amphora from which water flows. A balanced Aquarius is endowed with a spirit of social cooperation and freedom, knows how to move in the world amidst others, respecting and valuing the uniqueness of each individual. They understand that diversity is a precious resource, making each person unique and irreplaceable. However, the air of Aquarius is not the lively spring air of Gemini or the languid autumn air typical of Libra, but rather the rarefied air of high mountains. Warm in the presence of sunlight, it has the potential to become chilly after sunset.

Perfumes Aquarius

Let’s begin this olfactory journey with a stroll through the uncontaminated landscape of Mount Fuji in Japan, where mint leaves, fresh breeze, reseda, mimosa, black currant berries, oak wood, hazelnut wood and tonka bean absolute are the notes contained in the perfume Komorebi by Pierre Guillaume Paris. A masculine, Japanese name, untranslatable in our language, Komorebi eloquently describes sunlight filtered through tree leaves. An armful of fresh mint leaves and sap carried by the wind opens the composition with determination and freshness. Its heart beats to the rhythm of the delicate yet powerful fragrance of reseda, where balsamic notes are enhanced by the green and powdery notes of mimosa.

perfume Komorebi by Pierre Guillaume Paris

Gypsy Water by Byredo is an exaltation of the gypsy lifestyle, founded on the charm of myth. The scent of fresh earth, virgin forest and a bonfire articulate the dream of a free and colorful lifestyle close to nature. Byredo is a coveted niche perfume brand, founded in Stockholm in 2006 by Ben Gorham with the ambition to translate memories and emotions into products and experiences. Byredo is reinventing the world of artistic perfumery with a new approach, where creation is inspired by emotions, expressing a universe of absolutely unique nuances.

Perfume Gypsy Water by Byredo

Those born under the sign of Aquarius love freedom, the wind in their hair, the mysterious, soft and dreamy wind on a vast field full of flowers that bloom in the first warmth of the sun. The wind is that moment contained in a very elegant perfume, Wind by Stellar Scents. Created for perfume enthusiasts who have traveled extensively and wanted to capture the olfactory memories of their journey in a perfume flacon. The “Elements” collection encloses the essence and heart of the places visited: Wind is refreshing and pure, Water is regenerating and fresh, while Earth is tough and rich and Fire is bright and enveloping.

Perfume Wind by Stellar Scents

For Stina Seger, founder of the Bibbi Parfum brand, Boy of June is a declaration of love. “I liked dreaming about it. And when I dreamed, this energy and this fragrance visited my dreams. For a long time, there was nothing else. And then, one late summer afternoon in Copenhagen, here we are. Offering each other our hearts that already belonged to each other.” A dedication to her husband, born in June, a composition as powerful as a dream, an ambery, woody and spicy stroll that awakens the senses and takes us on a romantically infused walk into a heart of incense and patchouli.

Bibbi Parfum brand

Hypnotic, spiritual and powerful, an exhilarating wild perfume with an iconoclastic expression in its heart. Gentle clouds of burning copal swirling over Tulum inspire a beach perfume like no other before. The Maya incense rising from ancient temples. Bursts of sea spray and breezes from the jungle where the jaguar lurks. Copal Azur by Aedes De Venustas exhales the lush and spiritual vibrations of sacred Tulum. The copal of Maya incense is the inspirational muse of Copal Azur, brought to life by perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour in 2014, also the author of Aedes De Venustas’ first signature perfume. The olfactory thread of the fragrances is incense, which has been burned in honor of the gods for millennia; the term “perfume” derives from the Latin “per fumum,” which precisely means to pass through the sacred smoke of burning incense in rituals.

Perfume Copal Azur by Aedes De Venustas

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