Scented horoscope: fragrances for the sign of Libra

oroscopo profumato  Bilancia

Contrasts in perfect harmony between amber, oriental and gourmand nuances.

Those born under the sign of Libra, an air sign protected by Venus, know how to stand out for their harmonious and balanced character. Endowed with a lively intelligence, they can have interests in many fields, especially the arts. They deeply love the sense of beauty in every artistic expression, from sculpture to painting, from music to dance, founding the canon of measurement on the impeccable parameters of aesthetics. They are eager to live in harmony, which they seek in every area of their lives, showing themselves to be sociable, flexible and peaceful people. In the zodiac landscape, this is the most elegant and refined sign of all, endowed with a spirit of adaptation and empathy. An optimist by nature, it is easy for Libra to form relationships with others in the constant search for the perfect balance.

Libra Libra

An olfactory horoscope beginning with creation surely beloved by those of the Libra sign: Sigismund of V Canto, an autumnal, woody and spicy fragrance that opens with the strength and impetus of precious Italian saffron blended in a tightrope walk with Ceylon cinnamon that rest with disruptive force on a heart of precious woods where red patchouli and oud from Cambodia stand out, blended by the persuasive notes of Bulgarian rose and the powerful aphrodisiac Indian chypre.

Libra likes the Tuxedo fragrance from new niche perfume brand Lord Milano, a woody, amber composition created by renowned nose Michelle Moellhausen. Opening the composition is a citrusy mix of grapefruit, lemon and orange, warmed by pungent cardamom, expertly combined with patchouli. Warm, enveloping notes of amber stretch over vetiver and cedarwood.

A tribute to Libra, Tiziana Terenzi‘s famous Libra perfume could not be missed, a delicate fragrance that opens with an explosion of Sorrento lemon, Reggio Calabria bergamot and Sicilian grapefruit, harmonized by the persuasive counterpoint of tuberose and Bulgarian rose. This exuberant head is emphasized by a heart as generous and well-balanced as the sign that inspires its creation, where the gentle power of Atlas cedarwood is harmonized with the powerful sweetness of precious lily of Tuscany, surrounded by the aphrodisiacal glow of ambergris and Indian sambac jasmine.

Created by Julie Massé, one of the world’s most famous French noses, Maison Rebatchi ‘s Vanille Riviera is an olfactory chiaroscuro built around vanilla, a precious orchid from whose pods the raw material is obtained. The dark side of vanilla is here illuminated by jasmine and ylang-ylang; woody undertones underscore its seductive character. The unexpected result is a scent that bewitches those born under the sign of Libra.

Another unique creation, sweet and fruity, beloved by Libra the new fragrance Siracusa by Gritti Fragranze. Fresh notes of almond and creamy nuances of lemon blossom lead to the lush, exotic heart: a rich tiare accord embellished with the finest embroidery of vanilla. An ode to the rich and complex scent of mandarin, the mystery of the Orient that has become part of the Italian olfactory landscape. Luca Gritti creates a lively opalescent composition, enhancing the emerald green of the leaves, the bitterness of the peel, the sweetness of the pulp, and the joyful character of the juice. To emphasize the crisp, aromatic undertones, the perfumer resorts to notes of cedar and fresh ginger by adding a drop of caramel, thus creating a balance between the green and citrus tones.

Domenico Moramarco

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