Bristol Palace, Art Nouveau soul of Genoa, achieves the 5th star

Bristol Palace Hotel

A milestone that seals a 118-year journey of hospitality.

With the creation of the La Superba Presidential Suite, which has already hosted Prince Albert of Monaco, the Duetorrihotels Group’s Art Nouveau Bristol Palace hotel, a symbol of a welcoming, aristocratic and cosmopolitan Genoa, achieves 5-star status by offering its contribution to the extraordinary rebirth and growth that the city is undergoing.

La Superba Suite, Bristol Palace Hotel
La Superba Suite, Bristol Palace Hotel
La Superba Suite, Bristol Palace Hotel

The hotel of Edmondo De Amicis and Emperor Hirohito, of Nureyev and Simon Peres and, most recently, of Colin Firth, is preparing to celebrate Sept. 19th in De Ferrari Square along with the whole city, with a great concert by the Historic Sestrese Philharmonic Orchestra and the official presentation of the 5-star plaque by the highest authorities.

Bristol Palace, the Hotel

Since 1905, this art nouveau palace in the center of town has been a landmark for an international, upscale clientele: the site of legendary parties and of anecdotes (Alfred Hitchcock is said to have been inspired by its Art Nouveau staircase for the spiral theme of Vertigo), in recent years the hotel has been preparing for a quantum leap, as director Giovanni Ferrando also says: “We are growing together with Genoa. Encouraging us has been precisely the wave of renewal sweeping through the area. The city is carving out an increasingly important role for itself in the international market thanks to an ambitious structural investment plan. And the Bristol, by obtaining 5 stars, wants to make its contribution. In this journey we are strongly supported by our group Duetorrihotels, which manages iconic luxury hotels in Italy’s most beautiful art cities.

Facade Hotel Bristol Palace, Ph Aromi group

Our hotels have personality“, confirms Franco Vanetti, general manager of Duetorrihotels Group. “They are the memory keepers of the area, multiplying the beauty and attractiveness of the places in which they are embedded. So we have promoted a series of investments that strengthen the link between the Bristol Palace and Genoa new five-star hotel is excellent news for the area and its economy“.

Bristol Palace Hotel Room, Ph Aromi group

To achieve the goal, the hotel has promoted a renovation operation both in terms of structure and services: in addition to the renovation of the Giotto Restaurant and its Terrace, also open to outside customers who can test new menus and experiences suggested by the Executive Chef Enrico Lo Presti, a new Presidential Suite was born, La Superba (as Genoa was called by Petrarch, to pay homage to the city), 170 sq. m. opening onto a dedicated foyer that gives access to the rooms, two bathrooms complete with state-of-the-art spa with Turkish bath, chromotherapy, aromatherapy, emotional shower and calidarium.

Giotto Restaurant, Ph Aromi Group

The goal is to attract a high-end clientele eager to enjoy impeccable service, all possible comfort and an experience that cannot be replicated elsewhere in the heart of a destination increasingly sought after by international tourism.

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