The Eleonora Lastrucci’s dresses in Venice for the Kinèo Award

eleonora lastrucci festival venezia
Roberta d’Orsi

The haute couture designer of divas and red carpets surprises again.

International fashion designer Eleonora Lastrucci, with Prato origins, at the Venice Film Festival, now in its 80th year, dressed national and international stars with her outfits as she participated in the Kinèo Award event, organized for many years now by Rosetta Sannelli and a historic collateral event of the Festival.

The names are always of the highest level: Patty Pravo, Hofit Golan with Alvaro Nunèz, Emma Della Benetta, Eliza Oynus, Tarina Patel, Alessandra Repini with Arturo Artom, Emma Lucille, pianist Isabella Turso, Roberta d’Orsi ‘parading’ with the “Kineo Award”. Antonella Salvucci, Tiziana Foschi, Marta Miniucchi and Caterina Gabanella for ‘Genoma films’ by the Pisu brothers, Tiziana Foschi, the talented and very young Sara Ciocca, Florentine director and producer Chiara Tilesi and many others. On the Red Carpet, under the flashes of photographers, the stars wear Cornier1757 jewelry.

Patty Pravo
Hofit Golan and Alvaro Nunèz
Emma Della Benetta
Eliza Oynus
Tarina Patel
Alessandra Repini
Emma Lucille
Isabella Turso
Hofit Golan
Chiara Tilesi

We are talking about Eleonora Lastrucci‘s true masterpieces of style, such as the long straw-colored gown magnificently pleated with a pink-jewel belt, or the red-burgundy one with a mischievous veil on décolleté , or the light blue-turquoise one studded with squiggles of diamonds, all the way to the antique gold one with bare shoulder. Unmissable sinuous V-necks in the back, amid lace and macramé. Sophisticated and essential is the dress with a black bodice and skirt printed with the great characters of film history in black&white, a look magically completed by sensual long gloves that so much recall Audrey Hepburn’s allure. Striking is the long gown in red lamé with a slit, followed by the romantic cream with light swirls over the shoulders. Also stylish was the beautifully tight-fitting green lurex dress, accompanied by the other entirely turquoise one. A classic is black in its elegant draperies, and delightful finally is Sara Ciocca in her pale pink dress, made brighter by her emerald eyes.

Sara Ciocca and Tiziana Foschi

As a designer, Eleonora Lastrucci followed the Festival with a critical eye, appreciating Caterina Murino, godmother and former bond girl of “Casino Royal”; a true Mediterranean beauty of extreme simplicity and class, ‘slipped’ deliberately into the waters of the lagoon. Appreciation for the photo tribute in the halls of the Hotel Excelsior del Lido, wanted for Gina Lollobrigida and Anna Magnani, women of unparalleled charisma. Also well-deserved is the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement for director Liliana Cavani as well as for those 90 years worn in style.


Ph: Mondadori Portfolio / Gettyimages

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