Exclusive interview with Mauro Lorenzi, creator of the “Mauro Lorenzi Profumi”

A crowd of welcome guests attended the recent opening of the sophisticated, refined Mauro Lorenzi Profumi shop in Rome. There they tried, with great appreciation and overall enthusiasm, the seven new, innovative, niche scents from the Roman brand’s “Septimontium” collection, dedicated to the city’s seven hills: Aventinus, Caelius, Capitolium, Esquilinus, Palatinus, Quirinalis and Viminalis. A number of important figures from the capital’s institutes, ministries, and entertainment, journalism and business worlds were in attendance. The man behind the brand and the collection, Mauro Lorenzi, was highly praised, taking a minute to say a few words about his sales philosophy to the press: “Faithful to my belief that perfumes are to be explained, understood in their natural ingredients, tried, and, if the customer so desires, worn, as of today, our store in Rome, in Via Ferdinando Palasciano 28, in the Monteverde neighbourhood near Piazza S. Giovanni di Dio, will be open every afternoon by appointment from Monday to Saturday, 2pm to 8pm, to welcome those who want to visit the boutique and try our perfumes. Saturday afternoons, also by appointment, we’ve created a special event. We will be extremely honoured to host small groups of friends, including tourists and other visitors to Rome, for private visits to talk about our scents and offer guests an English tea service between one perfume sampling and the next.”

At the launch evening, EXCELLENCE interviewed Mauro Lorenzi, the creator behind the collection and the brand. A 43-year-old graduate from Rome, he is passionate about niche perfumes and the art of fine perfumery.

Did this business venture in the high-end perfumery sector really develop from a childhood passion?
From a young age I have been passionate about perfumes, especially niche perfumes. I was curious about their composition and how the various natural essential oils were blended. A non-commercial perfume has to express the personality of the person wearing it. I am excited and pleased to have turned my passion into a small business, a creator and distributor of natural fragrances which are both innovative and long-lasting. I have been working on this for more than a year.

What do you mean by long-lasting?
With volatile perfumes, even those produced by some of the well-known fashion brands, the wearer has to apply them continually. From a sales and marketing perspective, they are more profitable for the producer as people buy more. Long-lasting perfumes remain on the skin and clothes for longer, therefore they are less profitable because they last longer. Niche perfumes like mine cannot be anything other than long-lasting by their very nature. Each one has its own personality and truly evocative scent.

Why did you call your first collection “Septimontium”? Do you feel strongly attached to Rome, your city, the capital?
The Septimontium festival, the festival of the seven hills, was one of the most important Roman religious festivals celebrating the hills on which the city was founded. I wanted to pay homage to the origins of civilization, to the greatness and beauty of Ancient Rome. I love my city, our capital, deeply.

How did you transform history, civilization, culture and classical antiquity into truly characteristic fragrances?
By researching history, nature and the floral and urban landscapes. Almost all the seven hills were studded with wonderful floral kingdoms, woods and lush vegetation so it was easy to identify the natural base essences. Bay leaf, rose and orange in Aventinus, for example. Where there was no flora to assist me, exposure to sea breezes stepped in to help, as with Viminalis. Or religious Eastern cults, as with Quirinalis.

Naming the seven perfumes after the ancient Latin names is quite an innovation in the fashion world! Was this a deliberate choice to go against the current? 
This collection is not just about business and economics, but also culture. Whoever wears Aventinus, Caelius, Capitolium, Esquilinus, Palatinus, Quirinalis or Viminalis will be compelled to understand the origins of our history. I believe the originality of Latin names will have a strong marketing impact. At least I hope so.

Does the number seven have some magic significance for you as well?
For many ancient civilisations the number seven is sacred, of divine creation. It represents perfection and expresses globality and universality: the whole.

You are counting on people “understanding” your perfumes before they sample them or wear them. Why?
Knowing the composition of a perfume before you try it helps in choosing a scent. If I know that Quirinalis expresses the Orient, I won’t be shocked by that initial note of black pepper which goes straight to the brain.

Are these niche perfumes unisex?
Absolutely. Their total originality makes them suitable for everyone, irrespective of gender.

As well as the store in Rome, in via Palasciano, 28, will the perfumes also be available online? Is there an e-commerce site?
The brand’s e-commerce site went live on October. You can purchase online at: www.maurolorenziprofumi.com

Which of the seven perfumes in the collection do you feel closest to and why?
My perfumes are like children. I created them and love them all the same.

What is the target market for this innovative offering by “Mauro Lorenzi Profumi”?
The perfumes are accessible for everyone, but particularly a clientele with a medium-high income who love glamour and luxury. They are available of course to the guests of Rome, from the Americans to the Chinese, from the Japanese to the Russians. They will take home the perfumes of the city.

Are you thinking of creating other perfume and cosmetics products with these fragrances?
It’s an inevitable progression: candles, home scents, body lotions.

Good luck!
Thank you!

To reserve afternoon visits in the Roman store or for personalised meetings, “Saturdays: a cup of tea among perfume” (Via Ferdinando Palasciano 28, Monday to Saturday, 2pm-8pm), please call +39 0039 – 06 – 5374256
For the online shop and purchases: www.maurolorenziprofumi.com


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