Italian Excellence Takes Off on the Dragon’s Wings

These aren’t just dreams and promises, but rather real and concrete opportunities for entrepreneurs. In brief, this is the ambitious “Parco delle Eccellenze Italiane” (Park of Italian Excellences) project in China, located in the 400,000 square meter of Qianjiang Innovation Industry Park, in the most economically developed area of the city of Hangzhou, one of the seven famous ancient capitals. Parco delle Eccellenze Italiane was conceived and promoted by Carmine Gelli, president of Confimprese Nord Ovest and expert in the field of internationalization as regards China, who has been able to earn trust and credibility over the years from Chinese institutions.


In this regard, an important partnership is being put into place between Confimprese Nord Ovest and the international magazine The Excellence in order to to spread information throughout China through the network of relationships with the local government as well as the economic network. At the beginning of next summer, the new The Excellence will be presented in Chinese language for the Park’s official inauguration.

“Where is the park located?”

“It was created in the Hangzhou area, a fundamental junction in the south-east as well as the capital and economic-political center of the Zhejjang province. It’s an area of 16,596 square kilometers with a population of nine million, the second regional metropolis after Shanghai. In 2012 the sale of consumer goods in  Hangzhou’s urban area reached 295 billion RMB with a percentage of +15.5%. The Park is already operational, with 173,000 square meters for commercial, artisanal and exhibition spaces, which can accommodate up to 500 companies.”


“Who are the park’s partners?”

“The park, supported by Hangzhou Qianjiang Innovation Industrial Park Co. Ltd, has put a partnership in place with Confimprese Nord Ovest and Yizhong Brand Management (Hangzhou) Co. Ltd. The first is an advisory body for Italy’s investment, who operates in advertising and organization in Italy, improving the business relationship between Park and companies. The second provides customs clearance services, goods inspection, reports with municipal and banking offices, representation and promotion of the brand.”

“How did the relationship with The Excellence magazine come to be?”

“With the precious partnership of the magazine The Excellence, International Magazine for excellent Business & Lifestyle published by Laurel International, the framework around excellence we were looking for, comes full circle: from design to art, interior design and prestigious fashion to delicious food, the link that binds us together is absolutely perfect. Communication will be supported by Chinese government, by the world’s largest e-commerce platform Alibaba, and The Excellence’s contribution will be essential to give the park greater prominence on the new market, where everyone will have visibility – even wholesalers, distributors and dealers.

Dragon_02 Dragon_04

The main objective of the Park is to help Italian companies in marketing their products and label them as products of excellence. The companies come together in corporate buildings with low investment costs, thus creating a stable showcase for new markets.

The Italian companies’ mission in the Park started in July and has continued at a relentless pace as the result of the interest that the initiative is meeting in Italy. This important new partnership will give an even greater international emphasis to the emerging Chinese initiative.”


Corso Trapani 25 – Torino – Italy

Tel +39 011 19 70 46 22/45 96

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