Made in Italy by Enrico Robusti is the best painting of 2019

The painter from Parma wins the 6th edition of the Eccellenti Pittori-Brazzale award
Enrico Robusti – Made in Italy (olio su tela) 200cm x 200cm, 2019

Zanè, Italy, January 16, 2020 – “Made in Italy” is the best Italian painting of 2019. This was the verdict of the jury at the Eccellenti Pittori – Brazzale award, now at its 6th edition. Most votes went to the work of painter Enrico Robusti, an expressionist artist from Parma who has intrigued legendary art critics with his large paintings, featured in several collections all around Europe.

Enrico Robusti – Made in Italy (olio su tela) 200cm x 200cm, 2019

His “Made in Italy” (oil on canvas, 200×200 cm, 2019) depicts a culinary, feminine and sunny Italy, livened up by a wind heralding positive changes, open to the future and yet not oblivious to our most eminent past (the painting hints at The Ideal City of Urbino, and at the Annunciation too). All absolutely bucking the trend of a contemporary art massively oriented to represent anything related to the downfall, the sterility, the disrepair of the present.

The jury of the award had no doubts about the value of the work, and named it the best Italian painting of the year. “Robusti is a brave, independent painter, who blossomed far – both geographically and culturally – from those centers only meant for the professionals, promoting an often conceptual, almost always aphasic art. On the contrary, “Made in Italy” speaks loud and clear, and voices an extraordinary, commendable optimism. Robusti painted Italy like everyone in the country wishes it was, like it could even be if we managed to free ourselves from that negativity that weighs down on us everywhere”, explains Camillo Langone, founder of the award.

Enrico Robusti

Of all the major art awards in Italy, Eccellenti Pittori-Brazzale is the only one exclusively dedicated to painting. The only one where the jury is not just made of art insiders, but of prestigious enthusiasts of beauty as well. The only one focusing on the need to give more visibility to Italy’s excellent painting in the last 12 months. Without any discrimination whatsoever as to age, style, and career, without ever demanding registration fees or availability of the works, for the most comprehensive overview of today’s best painting.

The award was founded by Camillo Langone, the curator of the website and the Eccellenti Pittori project, with the support of Brazzale Group, a long-running dairy company established in 1784, with strong green ethics and a great passion for art and beauty. Eccellenti Pittori-Brazzale is like a real “journal of the living Italian painting”.

At the 6th edition of the award, the jury included prominent entrepreneurs, nine representatives of the Italian premium industry and enterprise working both in Italy and abroad in the most diverse fields – food, clothing, steel. In addition to its founders Camillo Langone and Roberto Brazzale, the awards involved Maurizio Amenduni Gresele (Acciaierie Valbruna), Luciano Barbetta (Barbetta), Corrado Beldì (Laterlite), Roberto Brazzale, Mario Carraro (Carraro), Roberta Casagrande (Casagrande), Camillo Langone, Silvano Merlatti (Fila Sport Australia), Savino Muraglia (Frantoio Muraglia), Fabio Spinosa Pingue (Pingue Group), and Andrea Tovo (Mut Meccanica Tovo).

The juries included several exponents of the Italian culture (like Franco Maria Ricci, Edoardo Camurri, Giuseppe Culicchia, Nicola Porro and Edoardo Nesi), while at Eccellenti Pittori’s 5th edition held last summer, visitors deeply appreciated the exhibition on display at Museo Le Carceri in Asiago, featuring paintings by Giovanni Gasparro, Nicola Verlato, Mauro Reggio, Tommaso Ottieri, Rocco Normanno, Ester Grossi, Nicolas Samorì and Enrico Robusti, the winner of the 2019 edition.

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