MADMOOD, MFW: Luna Berlusconi honors the curvy woman with a divine work of art

The Milan fashion scene celebrates Assomoda’s half century in the business and relaunches the curvy woman: these will be the core themes of the event taking place onWednesday, September 18 and Thursday, September 19 at theGiureconsulti Palaceon theMercanti square, where the Milan Fashion Week runwayswill introduce the SS 2020 women’s collections
Marianna Miceli, Laura Panigatti, Luna Berlusconi, Nadia Murabet
The MadMood event was announced on Tuesday, September 10 at 11 am at the Baglioni Carlton Hotel: the runway shows are scheduled for Wednesday, September 18 and Thursday, September 19 at the Giureconsulti Palace

The Milan fashion scene celebrates Assomoda’s half century in the business and relaunches the curvy woman: these will be the core themes of the event taking place on Wednesday, September 18 and Thursday, September 19 at the Giureconsulti Palace on theMercanti square, where the Milan Fashion Week runways will introduce the SS 2020 women’s collections.

MAD MOOD MIlan Cav. Boselli and Nadia Murabet
Cav. Boselli and Nadia Murabet

The chosen theme is “Divina”(“Divine”) and will be crystallized into a real icon on a board created by Luna Berlusconi (Silvio’s granddaughter): the artwork was unveiled at the press conference held on September 10 at 11 am at the Baglioni Carlton Hotel in via Senato 5, Milan.

I love painting women’s bodies and glorifying their curves and femininity”, explains Luna Berlusconi. “What I try to convey is sensuality: by this word, I don’t mean the perfection shown by ads and magazines, but an energy that comes from within, a confidence that makes any woman unique and beautiful. The curves of my ‘Divina’ are an ode to women, a scream inviting to leave stereotypes behind and look for inner beauty.”

The sixth edition of this fashion event organized by MadMood  ̶ one of the boldest, most peculiar formats in Milan, conceived by Marianna Miceli  ̶  is thus a true celebration of women and their curves in all possible ways, from art on canvas to professional photography and body painting.

In fact, MadMood has launched a photography contest directed by Biagio Duca that will last throughout the event, a first at an international fashion runway show. As the Digital Imaging Partner, Canon will also organize a photography workshop for winners of the MadMood contest, held by a Canon trainer specialized in fashion.

But MadMood has also got another ace in the hole: Italian beauty brand B-SELFIE, inventor of the first do-it-yourself filler to be applied as a band-aid, which will be beauty partner of the 2019 MadMood Milan Fashion Week with the innovative B-SELFIE Skincare Filler System line.In collaboration with VOR Make Up by Valeria Orlando, B-SELFIE will be beauty partner of the models walking down the runways on Wednesday, September 18 and Thursday, September 19. Protagonists of the shows will be some of the most popular products from the B-SELFIE beauty collection, which have determined the brand’s success in the skincare world.

At the heart of the event, the celebrations for the 50 years of Assomoda (the Italian association of fashion and sports agents and distributors), founded in 1969 in Milan: celebrations will culminate in the closing party of September 19 at 8 pm at the Baglioni Carlton Hotel before the Honorary President of the Italian Chamber of Fashion Mario Boselli, who will award prizes to the best designers, make-up artists, hair stylists and models attending the event.

Assomoda’s President Giulio Di Sabato recalls that “Assomoda was founded in Milan in 1969 and is now celebrating its 50 years in the business. An important journey that in the 1970s saw Assomoda organize the first women’s ready-to-wear large event, Milanovendemoda, and later on consolidate its role as a link between producers and retailers, as a fashion distribution reference in Italy and in the whole world.”

The runway shows will display international lifestyle by telling lands and cultures from all over the world through fashion and collections by international artists: the shows will be attended by designers coming from the United States, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Serbia, Argentina, Spain, Belgium, Uzbekistan, Cuba and Bulgaria, not to mention Italy and its style, obviously bound to take the stage.

The international collaboration with Excellence Magazine, media partner for Europe, the United States and the Arab countries, marks MadMood’s fashion event as a true global style workshop that brings together the main sources of new experiences from the emerging economies in today’s fashion world. Another crucial partnership is the cooperation with the Miracle Africa International Foundation, a collaborationthat aims to materially support the often overlooked but valuable talent of many African artists, who could be brought to the fore in the most important geographical areas of the world.


With the precious collaboration of Nadia Murabet as a technical and organizational partner, the goal is also to export Milan’s format to emerging countries: a project that combines fashion with all the products symbolizing Made in Italy and that integrates a broader, more structured plan for the internationalization of Italian companies, led by a strategic team of field experts.

Luna Berlusconi, Francesca Giuliano, Massimo Costa, Marianna Miceli, Giulio Di Sabato, Nadia Murabet, Laura Panigatti

Another essential synergy for this edition is the partnership with Laura Panigatti’s Le Boteriane cultural association, a prestigious representative of the curvy beauty. Further contributions will be given by Francesca Giuliano (the curvy protagonist of the TV program “Avanti un Altro” aired in Italy on Canale 5), who will take part in the runway show directed of designer Pasquy Altieri, just back fromthe red carpet at the 2019 Venice Film Festival.

It is also important to mention body painting, an artistic performance that will be widely used by models directed by Emma Camputaro. During a break between shows, futuristic models will take to the runways under designer Elissena Maria Riccio’s coordination and will present five dress designs only covering half of the body.

The other half will be painted by letting the audience free to express their imagination. The event will also see the participation of Assotemporary, the Italian national association leading the innovative field of temporary spaces, from shops to offices. Represented by general secretary Massimo Costa, along its ten years in the business Assotemporary has given several designers a chance to use commercial buildings in Milan and other Italian cities to host important initiatives in order to promote and sell collections directly to consumers.

We are delighted to have taken part in this celebration of femininity in all its forms together with MadMood and the other partners involved in the project,” says Lorenzo Soleri, Director of the Baglioni Carlton Hotel. “Milan and the whole fashion system have finally showed that they are getting more and more attentive and sensitiveto the subject of curvy femininity, which falls outside the traditional aesthetic canons, often unrealistic standards of perfection.”

The strength of this edition is the collaboration with partner Cosmoprof, a strategic player in the cosmetics sector, the most important international event in the field of professional beauty that inspired MadMood Pharmaline, a collection of anti-age face creams developed by researchers at the Tili drugstore in Como that will be unveiled at the event.

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