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Marina Di Guardo. Cocktails and dinner in the company of author

Marina Di Guardo, mother of three beautiful daughters, Chiara Ferragni, the world famous fashion blogger, Francesca and Valentina, was a fashion director for Bluemarine before she became the successful writer she is today. She recently published her fifth novel, “Come giusto che sia”(Mondadori) a thriller in defence of women.

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Dalia is a beautiful and sensitive young woman of twenty and could possess the world. Instead, her trust in humanity has already been severely compromised: abandoned by her father before she was born, she was raised by her mother in complete solitude, broken only by the relationship with a violent man, whose aggressions she witnessed as a child. Tormented by recurring nightmares and with a soul blackened with bruises, she covets an inexpressible desire, a thirst for ransom and revenge, that not even her brilliant career as a medical student helps to appease.

She volunteers in a centre for women victims of violence, but what she sees every day merely deepens her conviction that men are able to carry out the worst atrocities and go unpunished. Finally, she can take it no longer and she takes the decision to avenge all the abused women she has met on her path, one by one, beginning with her own mother.

She becomes an exterminating angel, choosing her prey methodically and dealing out the most extreme punishment with such coldness and calculation, that the police officers investigating the murders are completely baffled. And while Dalia the serial killer acts undisturbed, the shy student Dalia, meets Alessandro, a philosophy student and introverted barman, who courts her with thoughtful gestures and kindness. A deep connection forms between the two, a bond of silences, suppressed outbursts and shared wounds, which begins to crack the armour that Dalia has put on herself to protect her from love. But what she does not imagine for a moment is that her worst nightmare could come back from the past to haunt her.

Marina Di Guardo explores the dark side of a damaged soul, creating a thriller that explores the tragic inevitability of evil.

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