Maison Signore: a long love story

When we talk about Maison Signore, we’re telling a story about an hard work built over the passions, a strong tradition based on a thorough artisanal production, more than forty years in the bridal business, over 2.500 m² of exhibition area in three flagship stores, four bridal collections and more than two hundred different wedding dresses a year.

Every single dress is manufactured in Italy and strictly handmade by experienced tailor and embroiderer. The artisanal skill goes together with research and innovation, both for the styling and the raw materials. Every cloth, lace or embroidery, has been chosen to enrich our wedding dresses, giving them grace and uniqueness.

Our style office is dynamic and constantly evolving. We imagine, we design, and we create. We turn the wedding gown into real “jewelry to wear”, as a result of the painstaking work of our première. That’s the reason why “Signore Lab” has been created: an initiative which aims to engage the most talented young designers throughout formative contest.

The distinctiveness of Maison Signore is also in its being “multidirectional”: not only business, but also culture.Every exhibition, every fashion show, is the chance for us to promote our territorial artisanal skills and the unique character of the land where we were born and where we live.

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Do not miss the 2018 Preview Runways. Beginning on September 2017, Maison Signore, will present its own collections: Excellene, Seduction, Victoria F. and Giovanna Sbiroli.

The Collections:


Excellence is a valuable collection where the wedding dress turn into a real “jewel-dress”, made with precious Italian embroidery, silk and arabesque, pearl and gem. Every single dress is designed to highlight the silhouette, mixing up design, luxury and timeless grace.

Victoria F.

“Elegance is not about being noticed, it’s about being remembered”. This collection, designed by Victoria Foraboschi, is ethereal and romantic: you will find out natural silks, trimmings and french lace on dresses that will mold the body with ease and grace.


In this collection the wedding dress plays with transparency and needlepoints, slit and backless, crystal and rhinestone. This collection has been thought for any bride who wants to feel like a real diva.

Check the updated on the official website ( and on the official social pages of the Maison. Also, discover where to find the unique bridal dresses made in Italy in the best Italian Ateliers and all around the world (

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