The Mazzoleni Foundation promotes Ludmilla Radchenko

They are wrong who think that Pop Art is a uniquely American art form ….

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To contradict this mind is a wonderful model Siberia, arrived in Italy in the 2000s in search of fortune and success: Ludmilla Radchenko. Before television, that does not deny, and then years of work and experimentation that led today to be one of the emerging artists in vogue and the Mazzoleni Foundation has awarded in Venice, at the Grand gala Art Cinema and Enterprise as “Best contemporary 2016” emerging artist.

Excellence magazine per Fondazione Mazzoleni

The result is an artistic collaboration with the project to shows in various prestigious spaces that the Foundation Patron of Mario Mazzoleni, manages around Italy, the first inaugurated Saturday in the ancient Palazzo Barzizza in Alzano Lombardo, near Bergamo. Excellence Magazine always close to the art world and to the excellence promoted by the Mazzoleni Foundation, it took part at the prestigious event as Event Media Partner.

Ludmilla Radchenko Opera

Forty art works from the first made in Italy and dated 2000 to the most current, and lenticular backlit able to create three-dimensional stage effects that capture the viewer. The beautiful Ludmilla, accompanied by her daughter Eve, present at the event, cheerful and colorful as always, ready to explain to the many guests present, the various techniques used in the creation of his masterpieces which, as she points out, “are a part me around the world, split my story because I am always present in all my works. “

Massimo Basile e Ludmilla Radchenko

Satisfied the gallery Simona Occioni: “It’s a talented young artist emerging that are colorful works, carefree, typical of the current Pop Art. We are happy because like a lot to us and also to our loyal customers. “The exhibition, entitled “From Siberia with pop”, also saw the presentation of its new series of silk foular and cashmire, reproducing his artistic works.

Ludmilla Radchenko and Excellence Magazine

The guests were able to taste, during the evening, a number of local wines produced by the prestigious winery “Il Cypresso”, including the delicate Moscato di Scanzo  DOCG.

Il Cipresso Vini

“This is the first exhibition of Ludmilla Radchenko in our space,” emphasizes the President of the Foundation Dr. Mario Mazzoleni “but we have a very intense and interesting program, which will see his works in our showroom at Forte Village Resort in Sardinia as well as in Venice where we plan an extraordinary event for the 2017 close to the contemporary art Biennale. We work for the art  promotion with particular focus on young emerging artists. Ludmilla has the characteristics that we are looking for: it is good, humble and motivated as us, that’s why the decision to embrace with her a collaborative way. “

Vernissage di Ludmilla Radchenko

Ludmilla Radchenko’s exhibition will be open until 8 December by Art Event Mazzoleni Gallery in Via Mazzini 62 in Alzano Lombardo (Bergamo) from 9.30 to 12.30 and from 15.00 to 19.00. Sunday closed.

Giada Marchetti

Photo by Fabrizio Smisci

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