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Duilio Parietti. 8 Giugno 2017: Cocktails and dinner in the company of author

Duilio Parietti was born in Luino in the province of Varese in 1958. At the age of eighteen he discovered a passion for radio which became his favorite hobby and soon became his profession. He moved to Canton Ticino in 1999 and became the director of the radio station Radio Fiume Ticino. He is also a professional advertising speaker and a professional Swiss registered journalist.

He was always passionate about reading and writing but it was not until 2013 that was he finally able to find the time to fulfill his dream and publish his first novel,“Il sindaco con due mogli” (Albus Ed.) In 2013 he was nominated in the Mirella Ardy di Sestri Levante literary competition, for his story “Il muro” and was awarded a Diploma of Merit. In 2014 he received a special mention in the “Gialli di Lago” contest, for his story “Omicidio in onda”. In 2015, he published his second novel: “Se non sono gigli” (Rapsodia Ed.). In 2016 he published the second edition of “Il sindaco con due mogli”(Rapsodia Ed.) In 2016 he won third prize in the section for adult fables, in the 15th edition of the national Raffaele Pellicciotta literary prize with his story “L’auto nera”. In 2016 he published his 3rd novel“La notte dei soli” (Europa Edizioni).

It was as though the brain had stopped working. Gestures and movements had moved lower, into the heart and it took control leading to the climax of that “night of the suns.”

Vesna Raffaelli hates her name. That’s why she decided to call herself Fiorella. On the other hand, when you get to that point in your life when you begin to understand the name you bear, you’ve already been carrying it around for some time, put there by someone else. That’s why we make these choices, its just a question of having a little courage. There is an unsettling dichotomy in her life that you very slowly begin to perceive, little by little: it is an ordinary life and at the same time an extraordinary life. Impossible? Not if the story is woven with a wise pen. The sensation begins spontaneously, but you only start to understand when you stop for a moment, stop reading, make that tiny almost imperceptible gesture of pushing the book away a few millimeters and raising your gaze … that is the moment that you reflect on what you have just understood. “Perhaps my life also works a bit like that?” Exactly. Nonetheless, as soon as you have the thought, you rush fiercely back to the pages, devouring them with more passion than before. Why? Because Vesna / Fiorella does something wonderful that makes everything different: she thinks. She does it as she writes her diary, she does it when she observes the people around her, when she finds out that she is pregnant, when she makes important decisions, and when she finds herself experiencing emotions which, like it or not, you have to admit you want to experience too. When Vesna makes love, amongst other things … its hard not to want to be her. Or him, I mean…

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