Metaverse Meets Monaco for the Meta Entertainment World Summit

The Metaverse is the most trending topic today. 

The Inaugural Monaco Edition of Meta Entertainment World May 23 & 24

Learn How The Metaverse Will Change How We Live, Work & Play

The Metaverse is Big Money

The Metaverse is the most trending topic today.  According to JP Morgan, it is projected to become a trillion-dollar industry. It is time to pay attention because the future in now!

Metaverse investments in the private market doubled from $5.9 billion in 2020 to $10.4 billion in 2021, with public companies investing an estimated $135 billion.  Goldman Sachs predicts the financial outcome over the next three years will stand at $135 to $700 billion.

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The First Metaverse Summit

Meta Entertainment World is the first global Summit and Awards Gala showcasing and celebrating the innovators, creators, and thought leaders that are imagining and building the future worlds and experiences across the Metaverse.

Meta Entertainment World is a fully immersive live experience that showcases the tools and technology that are driving the creation of immersive physical and digital experiences.  At the summit, attendees will see, hear, and feel how entertainment is produced and consumed in the Metaverse by creators and producers from some of the world’s leading Music, TV, Film, Streaming, and Social Media companies.

MCity, powered by Touchcast, will deliver a physical and virtual experience that allows users to travel and engage with other users around the world.  Whether you are in Monaco or elsewhere, you can join in.  Dash will live stream all events through social media channels and

The live Summit will be held at Hotel Hermitage Monte-Carlo, a Belle Epoque palace-style hotel overlooking the Mediterranean Sea with a renowned Gustave Eiffel-designed dome.  Day 1 will lead participants into the Metaverse on a journey through time to discover the highlights of the next frontier. The founders and builders of Decentraland, The Sandbox, Roblox, Fortnite, MCity, Blockchain Virtual Valley will be present and Neos Metaverse community will be available to visit.  Day 2 will share business opportunities in the smart city of Monaco and how to create a digital agenda for a prosperous future.

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The First Metaverse Awards

Advance and Subnation are proud to announce the pinnacle of Meta Entertainment World, “The MEWS”, honoring the most outstanding creators and companies that have shaped the digital culture and impacted society, by developing groundbreaking Web3 applications that support the digital agenda of H.S.H. Prince Albert II and other global leaders.  From the Cannes Film Festival and amfAR Gala to the Monaco Grand Prix, the eyes of the world are upon the Principality of Monaco every May.  The Meta Entertainment World Awards will join this illustrious line-up of the global events giving yet another reason to set your gaze on Monaco in May.

Awards will be presented in the following categories: Pioneer; Sports; Impact; Rising Star; Storyworld; Better World; Music; Innovation; NFT Collection; Community.  In celebration of the winners, guests will enjoy an extravagant Gala Dinner prepared by the world-renowned, Michelin star chef, Yannick Alleno in the historic Salle Belle Epoque ballroom of the Hermitage Hotel.

Metaverse Art

Subnation will also unveil Artcade@Monaco, a dynamic, curated NFT gallery that seamlessly blends art and technology to rethink the way we shop.  It will host curated exhibitions that showcase some of the world’s rarest NFT creations alongside cutting-edge contemporary mediums, collectibles, and game-inspired fashion-forward digital couture.

We have come a long way

Gutenberg gave us print.  It took centuries for our next great form of communication to arrive with Graham Bell’s telephone.  But soon after was Marconi’s radio, Lumiere’s film, Farnsworth’s television, Berners-Lee’s internet, and now, the Metaverse.  The pace of innovation is accelerating and the Metaverse will be our next great leap.  Its pioneers, inventors, and leaders will be celebrated at Meta Entertainment World, and they, in turn will inspire the next generation.

Stay tuned for future editions of Metaverse Entertainment World: Miami December 2022, Dubai February 2023, Seoul April 2023.  We hope to see you all soon in the Metaverse!

Metaverse Definition

The Metaverse is a network of realistic 3D digital worlds built within a virtual-realty space where people can interact with computer-generated environments and other users.  On a macro level, it combines elements of social media, augmented reality, video games, cryptocurrencies, and other advanced technologies.

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Photos by Richard Horvath

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