Milan Fashion Week: the presentation of “Mauro Lorenzi Profumi” and the “Septimontium” collection

Amid the buzz of Milan Fashion Week, the iT ELiTE showroom in Via della Spiga 42 hosted a presentation of multiple prestigious brands, including Mauro Lorenzi Profumi and its Septimontium Collection. After their smashing success in Rome, these seven unique perfumes, each bearing the name of one of the Eternal City’s seven hills (Aventinus, Caelius, Capitolium, Esquilinus, Palatinus, Quirinalis and Viminalis), were deemed extremely refined by the guests in attendance (bank managers, fashion bloggers, journalists and international buyers and distributors). During the event, the Roman designer spoke to the press about the launch of the second collection by summer, hinting it would be dedicated to an Ancient Roman emperor and empress. Among the VIPs who showed enthusiastic appreciation for Lorenzi’s perfumes: the Prefect of Milan, Luciana Lamorgese, and the President of Unimpresa Lombardia, Isa Gatti.

Luciana Lamorgese with designer Mauro Lorenzi
Unimpresa Lombardia President Isa Gatti with designer Mauro Lorenzi
Designer Mauro Lorenzi with the managers of UBS Italy

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