David, Nikole and Sebastiano – new e next generation

I have had the pleasure of meeting David and to appreciate his great enthusiasm and radiant personality which is expressed not only through his eyes but also his heart. David is from the new generation who knows how to look at the future with great ambition in an admirably selfless way. I share many things with David and he has earned a place in my heart. He is the future of the next generation and therefore I have decided to invest in him personally and to place by his side my biggest love and only child, Sebastiano Ludovico who has just turned 14 years of age. My focus today is to invest in the Tech Next Generation to give Sebestiano, David and the next generation the opportunity to grow with the future in mind not only the present. To create small Tech Kingdoms in free-zone areas where each of them can express themselves in their own brilliant way. Provide them with adequate support to help them grow and give them employment opportunities with protentional to grow globally.

Why Velapp?
Video is where it is at IGen’s chosen social channel is YouTube as it’s visual, creative and self-generated content. If you look at the most downloaded apps, they are all video based and due to audience demand all companies are focusing on video as a channel. Of course, I was unaware of this when Velapp was born. I created the app as I wanted to reduce the time it takes to edit videos. After travelling through India, we had hundreds of hours of content which took me hundreds of hours to edit. I worked as a SFX editor at a production house so i should have zoomed through the footage but was it was taking hours so I developed Velapp. Apple had just introduced 3D Touch technology which we utilised to develop the product. Our current product is the tip of the iceberg – our roadmap is futuristic yet solution driven Watch this space!

What inspires you?
Wow – a lot. New things inspire me every day but at the core, I want to develop products that solve day to day problems, user-friendly and yet stand out for being first to market. I also love sharing my knowledge, journey and insights with up & coming entrepreneurs, connecting people and giving back. It’s hugely important that I have the ability to influence others & drive positive social change.

Who is your mentor?
Everyone that touches my life is a mentor to me: family, friends, investors and those in the tech industry that inspire me in terms of what they’ve developed to those who’ve personally invested their time by sharing their insights & advice with me.

How do you see yourself in the future?
A pioneer of video innovation. A thought leader not only in my area of expertise but in the tech community. A mentor & inspiration to the younger generation – leading by example & fostering tech in the UK. I am extremely lucky that I was given the chance to develop and share a product on the global stage and would like to help others to do so.

How do you see yourself with the next generation?
In terms of next generation I want to drive positive social change by inspiring the next generation so they feel excited to join the industry.

How did your relationship with Sebastiano come about
I had an instant affinity with Sebastiano as I saw a lot of myself in him, and I’m privileged to have him as part of our team. He will go a long way and I’m so proud of him already.

by Deborah Martinelli Bonavia

Nico, Sebastiano Ludovico, Nikole & Eli – 14 years Age
Sebastiano Ludovico – Nikole
David – Nikole – Sebastiano Ludovico
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