Intermedia Real Estate

Vision and tradition within a sanctuary.

Intermedia Real Estate is an historic agency in the Principality of Monaco, which was founded in 1960 and has since become a reference on the local real estate market.
The Genovese family has taken over the agency and has decided to perpetuate the history of Intermedia by sharing its family values and principles, while bringing a touch of modernity and innovation in its continuity. The motto of the Intermedia agency is: “PIETAS, HONESTAS, INTEGRITY” which translates into “HONESTY, LOYALTY & INTEGRITY”.

The Genovese family
The Genovese family

A family spirit that aims to offer its clients services based on the most transparent, efficient, and professional approach, enabling them to achieve their objectives. The agency’s experienced teams are at the clients’ disposal, to accompany them throughout their projects and offer sound advice. Indeed, the Genovese family has been able to combine 60 years of history with a new sales team thanks to the experience of his manager and owner, Mr. Claudio Albert Genovese.

Intermedia Real Estate agency has entered a business partnership with BMH Real Estate Agency, located in Via Cesare Battisti 1, Milan, and founded by his President, Mr. Bruno Menegatti. Thanks to the wealth of experience of both Mr. Genovese and Mr. Menegatti, and their respective strong networks, the partnership has managed to establish a large base of demanding private clients who appreciate the unparalleled services it offers.

Monte Carlo view

The partnership is focusing on investing in the luxury residential sector of the Monegasque real estate market. The group is working with experienced partners to identify opportunities, invest decisively, and deliver exceptional returns with an emphasis on quality – all necessary skills to achieve the best performing, diversified portfolio for their clients.
The majority of his transactions are based on referrals from satisfied clients who appreciate due diligence, unparalleled quality, and making the impossible possible.

Mr. Genovese is also a shareholder and manager of the Tayrona Capital Group, a sovereign wealth trust fund management that delivers hospitality and entertainment projects since 1970.

Fountain and Casino Monte Carlo

Since the fall of 2022, an investment fund has been incorporated in Luxembourg with the participation of the General Partner company: Aura Capital Partners, founded by Mr. Genovese, which today is able to offer real estate institutional investment both in the Principality of Monaco and abroad with the help of selected investment advisory companies, such as the strategic partnership with BMH – a leader on  the Italian market – to find exclusive and value-added real estate projects in the following business compartments:


REMC – Real Estate Monte-Carlo
Compartment dedicated to the unique real estate market of Monte-Carlo with off-market opportunities selected by their investment advisory company founded in 1960 in the Principality: Intermedia Real Estate Agency.

ADG – Aura Development Group
The second compartment, dedicated to commercial real estate on the international market, in highly requested locations and/or in touristic areas. Their specialties are exclusive off-market hospitality projects, with opportunities selected by their investment advisory BMH Agency and by Domus Aurea International (a real estate commercial advisory company owned by Mr. Genovese).

Indeed, the aim is to merge Monaco and Milan, thus making its business and real estate projects more profitable and unique. This partnership aims to offer exclusive properties to a demanding clientele, both private and institutional.

The Intermedia agency & the BMH agency are offering 80% of their listed properties on the off-market, both in the Principality of Monaco and abroad.

Finally, Mr. Genovese is the co-founder and Vice President of the 98000 Green Vision association, based in Monaco, which aims to bring innovative solutions in the green and sustainable world.

Monte Carlo view

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