Whispers of Art: the Art Biennale of Vigevano

Castello Sforzesco

A blend of history and artistic innovation.

In the heart of Northern Italy, the city of Vigevano is gearing up to host an extraordinary event that promises to unite the past and the future, tradition and innovation, positioning the city as a cultural hub of international significance. The first edition of Vigevano Art Biennale 2024, proudly presented by AF-MetaStrategy, will take place from April 8th to May 31st, 2024, at the majestic Sforza Castle, and is poised to be a celebration of contemporary art, culture, and innovation.

Sforza Castle

Vigevano, with its rich history, charm, and historical monuments, has long been a place where creativity is celebrated as an intrinsic value. From the Ducal Palace, a symbol of Renaissance architecture, to the Romanesque Church of San Francesco, to the Cathedral of Sant’Ambrogio, the city is a true open-air museum, narrating the cultural history that inspired artists like Bramante and Leonardo da Vinci.

City of Vigevano

The Vigevano Art Biennale is not only an opportunity to admire internationally acclaimed contemporary artworks but also a chance to learn, share, and grow. The goals of this extraordinary event encompass various aspects, including cultural promotion, economic development, and cultural education.

Contemporary art and more, educational events, concerts, and performances coordinated by an experienced internal team, with the notable name of Andrea Fumagalli as the artistic director for special events, co-founder of Bluvertigo!

Andrea Fumagalli, Artistic director and Arianna Forni, Co-Founder of AF-MetaStrategy

Among the announced partners and sponsors are the “Centro Dino Ferrari” engaged in medical-scientific research, “Kronos Gallery” a leader in promoting works of great masters, the international non-profit organization “Inner Wheel,” the artistic and cultural promotion association Tota Pulchra presided over by the Vatican chapter member Mons. Jean-Marie Gervais, and Italy’s oldest bookstore, Libreria Bocca.

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