Modica Boutique Hotel: the smart luxury you don’t expect

The hotel you do not expect in an area almost of passage! This could sound like the payoff of the Modica Boutique Hotel, the new born of Sicilian hospitality

The hotel you do not expect in an area almost of passage! This could sound like the payoff of the Modica Boutique Hotel, the new born of Sicilian hospitality.

CaberlonCaroppi_Modica Boutique Hotel_Hall

The winning recipe? Take a city like Modica at the center of excellent food and wine itineraries, but not yet included in the more classic tourist circuits, combine the vision of a local entrepreneur who wants to put his city at the center of the Sicilian hotellerie offer, add professionalism, the taste and design of the CaberlonCaroppi studio and the consultancy support of Teamwork Hospitality, shaken and served iced as a summer cocktail with the possibility of a dip in the transparent waters of the Sicilian sea, or warm as the welcome and comfort for an event or a business meeting.

CaberlonCaroppi Modica Boutique Hotel

“We took up the challenge of the client who, after the inauguration of the Modica Beach Hotel in Marina di Modica (created with the same design and consultancy team), wanted to create a new reception center in the immediate vicinity of the city of Modica, a hotel that was comfortable, functional and innovative, with an important design – Nicola Delvecchio of Teamwork Hospitality tells us, which offers those who work in the tourism and hospitality sector the opportunity to do their job at best, obtaining the best results in terms of quality, customer satisfaction and profitability and who took care of all aspects related to the consultancy and marketing of this project.

CaberlonCaroppi_Modica Boutique Hotel_Deluxe

Working with them was magnificent – adds the architect and designer Chiara Caberlon – a great team work that allowed us to achieve an excellent result even in “complicated” times, due to a pandemic, which required all our flexibility.

And it is precisely the versatility and flexibility of the offer, together with the rigorous respect for the “genius loci” one of the critical success factors of this new hospitality concept.

“The client expressed a strong desire to strengthen the area and to give the city a luxury but accessible hospitality, the so-called” smart luxury “, which was completely lacking” – continues Nicola.

Our studio immediately embraced the Client’s requests by creating a boutique hotel, but with a functional layout, maintaining a strong link with local traditions, but breaking away from a conventional and stereotyped offer, a completely “Tailor made” project, which aims to all-round excellence: from the eno-gastronomic ones of the territory offered by the kitchen, the bar and even the minibars available to guests in the rooms, up to the technological excellence in the connections of the meeting rooms, nothing has been left to chance, every little bit detail has been taken care of to create an enveloping and sensual atmosphere – concludes the architect Caberlon.


The Modica Boutique Hotel also offers a SPA and an outdoor wellness area with solarium and swimming pool, a breath of air inside the city, a small island where you can relax with your family or after a business meeting without having to go too far. Not just a hotel made up of rooms, but a place to stay open to the citizens of Modica as well.

Modica lacked a hotel that would emphasize the area by giving the tourist, but also to those traveling for work, a lounge with a minimalist taste in which to enjoy many little gems to fully experience the city, from breakfast with granita, to the shuttle to reach the Modica Beach Hotel on the sea, a co-marketing project that customers show they appreciate.

An old Sicilian saying says “A nostra casa v’abbrazza e vi vasa” (our house embraces you and kisses you – editor’s note) this is the spirit that animates this project: to create a place that welcomes different types of customers with the same warmth.

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