Montblanc, the art of being an icon

Montblanc: the art of writing interpreted by the stroke of an iconic pen. First conceived in Hamburg in 1906 by three businessmen who set out to redesign the fountain pen, one hundred years later, Montblanc continues to be a symbol of refinement and the emblematic object used by generations to seal unique moments in their lives. Today, Montblanc is a protagonist of the luxury goods industry, not only as a leading manufacturer of writing instruments, but also thanks to its splendid watches, fascinating jewellery and refined leather goods, all carrying the famous white star trademark, inspired by the six permanently snowcapped glaciers of Mont Blanc. The six point star was designed to symbolize the glorious tradition of European craftsmanship which had created what was an innovative writing instrument for its time.

When it still takes shape today in the hands of skilled craftsmen, the timeless Meisterstück, unchanged since1924, emanates an aura of age-old splendour that has lasted for almost a century.

In our collective imagination, the Montblanc pen is a symbol of class: we have an indelible recollection of President John F. Kennedy lending his to German chancellor Konrad Adenauer in 1963.

The Montblanc acted as a lethal weapon for the world’s most famous secret agent, James Bond, as narrated in the 1974 film “The man with the Golden Gun”.

Its impeccable design has earned it a permanent place in the “Museum of Modern Art” in New York.

In the heart of Hamburg, the Artisan Atelier – an exclusive and quite unique little workshop – crafts customized Montblanc pens, from the first rough sketch to the finished product. Here, creativity and beauty come together to shape unique pieces, personal or limited editions, embellished by decorative details in gold and precious stones.

A constant presence in the world of art, from ballet to literature, as well as music and painting, ever since its earliest days, Montblanc has expressed a desire to take an active part in the artistic milieu by calling its first fountain pen “Rouge et Noir”, named after the famous novel by Stendhal.

Renewable on a two year basis, an agreement has been in course since 1997 with the Art Gallery of Hamburg, the birthplace of the Montblanc brand, whereby the contemporary art works which have been on display for two years in the Montblanc Art Gallery are then donated to this important institution.

An important gesture that characterizes an historic brand, an icon of elegance and great distinction.

An expression of excellence called Switzerland

An expression of excellence called Switzerland

Situated in the heart of Europe, Switzerland has one of the highest standards of

Red Carpet Experience Venice Film Festival in Venice in 2015

Red Carpet Experience Venice Film Festival in Venice in 2015

Has come to his 72nd Venice International Film Festival, the first international

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