MonteNapoleone14: bistro, concept store & more

MonteNapoleone14, a new bistrot and multi brand concept store, is located in the heart of the luxury district. On the world famous street, a unique place is conceived where you embark on a sensory journey through an exclusive and modern world, starting from the food experience.

Open daily from 10:00 until 22:00, MonteNapoleone14 offers its clients the possibility – from breakfast to lunch, from a simple break to after aperitivo – to taste the exquisite flavors of high-quality foods picked daily with great care to offer a thoroughly planned and gourmet menu.

The menu, product of meticulous research, was created by the Chef Tommaso Arrigoni, who is responsible for its every detail; it offers refined delicacies, such as special snacks (smoked salmon, black bread and Seirass ricotta, or smoked duck breast, pane tranvai and butter), and select mouth-watering plates, such as the simple but sought-after fresh sword fish tartare with avocado and sesame seed pearls. The dishes at MonteNapoloeone14 are accompanied by a selection of fine wines from Cantine Ferrari, such as white and red Perlé, the Giulio Ferrari reserve and the best of the Riserva Lunelli.

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Everything in MonteNapoleone14 has been studied in the greatest detail to bring out the tastes in the dishes on the menu – not just the combinations, not just the still or sparkling wines, but, naturally, also the mise en place, with its use of Quarta Posata utensils to testify even the slightest details have been considered.

The space, designed and engineered by the architect and interior designer, Aline Soares de Andrade, was created to be a vessel that attracts good taste. The design envelopes while, at the same time, accentuating the objects on display, utilizing the light-dark contrast of the surfaces and the lights. The place has a strong identity that reflects the environment’s personality and offers the possibility to change face versatile and flexibly without losing its characteristics. The bistrot sinuously melts into the concept store, with the contrasting straight and rigid lines of its canisters and showcases. The curved lines of the tables and chairs are properly inserted in this precise and modular atmosphere, making it welcoming and harmonious. An environment created to welcome its guests and provide them a relaxing, comforting and inspirational experience.

MonteNapoleone14 doesn’t just represent a place where you can taste excellence, but it’s also a space where fashion, jewelry, art and beauty live together in complete harmony. The key word is transformation, and in MonteNapoleone14 everything is tempered to immerse oneself in a multitude of experiences: the brands it carries animate this place to provide a much sought- after shopping experience, far from the usual frenzy, meeting every need from taste to elegance to personal care and grooming to art.  This is the peculiarity that makes MonteNapoleone14 unique – not just a mere Bistro, not just a simple concept store.

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