Viganò at the Pitti Immagine Uomo

With the S/S collection, Viganò confirms their distinctive attention to the sartorial lines and the never-ending research for precious fabrics, meant to give value and freshness to the men’s trousers. The strict character of the sartorial constructions perfectly combines with both the variety of the fabrics used and a peculiar design which makes the Viganò’s trousers unique and refined garments.

The meticulous process of the Viganò garment-making allows the fitting to be impeccable. In perfect harmony with a trend that celebrates the pince’s regained popularity, Viganò presents , for the next S/S 19, a 2-pince-model, baggy style, smartly casual and with a comfy wearability.

The Maison has revived classical lines , making them new by introducing some elements, designed to match the contemporary trend. You can find this value in our RB model, which has waist extensions as well as in the above-mentioned two pince-model KX with a coulisse and a slimfit cut.

We use strong but light fabrics, such as washed cotton, linen and micro-textured wool, in a way to always emphasize the potential of classical garments. Though we prefer the “colonial”-shades : white – navy – beige , we like to brighten up the garments with vivid colours such as apple green, cornflower blue, geranium red or the apricot yellow, shades that make the gentleman’s look particularly tasteful and sophisticated.


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