Pellegrini Giardini, bring art back to the garden

In the past, landscape architecture has always seen the presence of works of art integrated into parks and gardens

Pellegrini Giardini is a company a little out of the box, it cannot be defined as a classic nursery.

You realize that something is different as soon as you arrive: instead of greenhouses you will find the entrance to an exhibition of modern art where the sculptures and paintings integrate perfectly with the walls of the vertical gardens, the first clue that confirms the presence of plants.

Pellegrini Giardini

We meet Andrea Pellegrini, who tells us a story made of traditions, deep roots but also of innovation, of the ability to transform a family business into a player that carries out projects for international clients and for a luxury segment.

Andrea what does managing a nursery mean today?

In reality we are landscape architects, the nursery was born from the need to produce on our own what is necessary to develop our projects. Very particular plants, rare specimens that we prefer to grow at home, thus having the certainty of the quality offered to the customer.

From the origins of our family history this has been our business model, to have what we need to create green spaces, gardens, but also vertical walls and, last but not least, to integrate art into projects.

Why this choice?

In the past, landscape architecture has always seen the presence of works of art integrated into parks and gardens.

Already in ancient Babylon the most prestigious villas were adorned with sculptures. Perhaps as a matter of safety, the sculpture was expropriated from its natural exhibition place to be relegated to the inside of the houses.

Pellegrini Giardini

Our goal is instead to re-propose the synergy and beauty between art produced by man and art produced by nature. Our attempt is to bring the sculpture to its original place.

As a landscape architect, do you have a role model?

We are very inspired by Russell Page of the 20th century British landscape architect who treated the garden as if it were a set of rooms to be furnished, just like a house. Each room had to be dominated by a characterizing element that could be water, or the colors or the presence of sculptures, each “room” had to be a surprise. Offering our customers the experience of bringing art back to an open space is what most satisfies our way of designing spaces.

How did the gallery born?

Contemporary art is a passion that has allowed us to follow very interesting artists to whom we have offered the opportunity to have an exhibition space available. The goal of bringing art back to its natural environment is shared between us and the artists we select. Even a single piece, positioned correctly, can become the protagonist of excellence in a space that will become so unique, exclusive.

I have to say that often this really makes a difference. In our experience we have seen over time that the garden with an important work of art creates a continuous pleasure to the owners of the house and always surprise in its guests.

You also talked to me about the yacht segment, what services do you offer?

The luxury yacht is a sector in which our role is always a partnership: there is the boat designer, understood as the interior designer, who takes care of the design of interior spaces in full. Our intervention is therefore to suggest works that are consistent with the furniture project.

In some way this is also part of our mission, because in addition to being passionate collectors we are aware of the value of a work of art and the emotion that a painting or a sculpture can transfer to the environment in which they are placed.

Pellegrini Giardini, is a reality that has existed since 1966, therefore for three generations.

Four, actually, because my grandfather did the same job as us. But times were different, it was at the turn of the Second World War and he was dealing with basic necessities, that is, fruit plants and vines.

My father, on the other hand, since the beginning of his career has developed a business model based on furnishing and garden construction projects, then declining it on other specializations, such as the sale in the garden center and the maintenance of green spaces with super specialized personnel.

My sister and I have continued the tradition and now my son, who is 25, works with us.

You showed me wonderful projects related to the eco-friendly swimming pools you make. Attention to sustainability and ecology, decidedly current issues.

Our work must be constantly in step with the times and by our nature we are very close to these issues. We have thus begun to design and offer our customers “Biodesign” swimming pools which, together with the vertical gardens, are part of an extremely contemporary offer that has important impacts on energy saving.

Pellegrini Giardini

Can you explain me better?

The vertical garden, for example, as well as the green roof, made with low-maintenance plants, absorb solar radiation and transmit coolness, reduce air pollution and in winter have a thermal coat function as well as contributing to the aesthetic aspect. Air conditioning and heating are used much less, with an obvious ecological advantage.

As a landscape architect I must also underline the wonderful visual impact of these projects, real natural tapestries.

What are the stages of designing a garden?

It starts from the inspection in which we take note of the customer’s needs and the problems to be faced. The intervention area is analyzed through photographs and a 3D scan of the area carried out with a drone. The goal is to understand the customer’s wishes so that they can be realized in the best possible way.

We then continue with the actual design: 3D floor plans and renderings are developed, absolutely realistic and in full scale, in which we propose our ideas that are always compatible with the surrounding environment.

We complete with everything that makes a garden truly exclusive and enjoyable: swimming pools, whirlpools, solarium and yoga areas, fitness area, bar area and BBQ. Together with the customer, the materials for the creation of the paths and paved areas are chosen, as well as the outdoor furniture.

In fact, designing well means not wasting economic resources but, on the contrary, obtaining the maximum from what is invested in terms of quality of work, completion times, final satisfaction.

A 360-degree service…

This is what characterizes us and which constitutes the added value we offer to the customer. A skilful blend of skills, tradition, innovation and attention to the environment. A garden is a living project, which changes over time, which needs attention and maintenance and which, like the house, must be fully lived.

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