Richard Ginori for Gucci Décor

Small and Precious Porcelain Pieces Made by Manifattura Ginori enrich the New and Eclectic Gucci Décor Collection.

Richard Ginori, the greatest expression of Italian excellence in artistic porcelain manufacturing, is proud to have been chosen by Gucci as a partner to create a series of unique porcelain pieces for the new Gucci Décor collection.
The craftsmanship of the Manifattura Ginori has produced not only crockery decorated with the House’s iconic green Herbarium pattern, but also candles, incense holders and vide poches – in both black and green Herbarium – composing an eclectic collection. Mugs are embellished with geometric chevrons motifs as well as a striking solid pink color or with the ‘eye’ design to enrich these new pieces. “Alessandro Michele has combined his innovative aesthetic vision with the unique craftsmanship of the Manifattura that stems from centuries of history,” said Giovanni Giunchedi, President and CEO of Richard Ginori. “We are honored to have been chosen by Gucci as a partner for the creation of these precious objects, which represent the perfect union between the great artistic tradition of Richard Ginori and the extraordinary talent of Alessandro.”

With a rich tradition and history spanning more than 280 years, Richard Ginori is the epitome of Italian excellence in the artistic manufacture of premium-quality porcelain and is recognised worldwide. Part of the Kering Group (since 2013), Richard Ginori has been associated with key figures in the fields of architecture, design and fashion over time and has established itself as an icon of ‘made in Italy’ excellence.

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