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A union for breaking down prejudice.

As Albert Einstein stated: “It is harder to crack prejudice than an atom”, and on the occasion of Venice Film Festival two businesswomen who have faced prejudice throughout their careers choose the stage of the Festival to tell and relate their stories. They believe that breaking down prejudices is possible and the images bear witness to this. Provoking, with a bold, nonconformist project, with global thinking towards minorities and what for many is considered different. Eleonora Lastrucci a renowned Italian designer, who grew up in the salons of great fashion icons like Roberto Cavalli, Gucci and Enrico Coveri. A constant presence on the national and intentional Red Carpet home to her most beautiful creations worn by the most famous celebrities from the world of entertainment.

Ca’ Sagredo Hotel – Jesusleny Gomes – Patrizia Crosato

Jesusleny Gomes, former model, founder of Itline 8.3, a company operating in the IT sector, has been mentioned in the last year by major newspapers for evolution and growth in a very hostile and predominantly male sector. What do they have in common? Belonging to entirely different business sectors both have crossed a sea of prejudices to get to where they are now. Commitment, sacrifice and dedication made their, increasingly on the Up, goal possible.

Jesusleny Gomes – Patrizia Crosato
Patrizia Crosato – Jesusleny Gomes

The elegance and uniqueness of the creations by Eleonora Lastrucci immortalised on the timeless boat, the “Rose of the Winds” Bragozzo (wooden sailing boat) owned by the Bagnolo family could not have been a more perfect combination. The meeting of female entrepreneurial harmony and initiative in the IT sector of Jesusleny Gomes with the smile and freshness of Patrizia Crosato, spokeswoman for “generation Y” could only bring out the beauty, a beauty capable of breaking down any prejudice thanks to its diversity and uniqueness.

Boat the “Rose of the Winds” Bragozzo by the Bagnolo family – Jesusleny Gomes – Patrizia Crosato – Eleonora Lastrucci

This idyllic setting immortalised by the lens of Antonella Sessolo, where Venice is patroness. A meeting for Creating. A series of photos produced to break down prejudices and to relate how easy it is to symbiotically combine what could be improbable. Where this symbiosis leaves room for conviviality and where races, religions, opinions, sexual and political preferences have not had any influence. This symbiosis and simplicity demonstrates that yes, you can live in HARMONY.

Boat: Bagnolo family
Model/Businesswoman: Jesusleny Gomes
Model: Patrizia Crosato
Photo: Antonella Sessolo

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