Room Mate Hotels arrives a Rotterdam with an exclusive luxury hotel

With this opening, Room Mate Hotels continues with its ambitious expansion plan. To the 23 hotels already present, the company adds another 11 projects that have already been signed, introducing new destinations including Rome, Paris, Naples, the Canary Islands, Mallorca and Lisbon, thus doubling its size from 1,522 rooms to a total of over 3,052 rooms.

Room Mate Bruno, housed in a 19th-century spice store in the city’s port area, brings to life one of the few historic buildings left in the Kop Van Zuid district, known as the Dutch Manhattan. This exclusive area houses the most important cultural activities of the city and has become an architectural landmark in Northern Europe.

Bruno shares this magnificent building with one of the city’s most recent gastronomic offerings, Foodhallen, which will present up to 15 traditional themed food kiosks, allowing those who choose Room Mate in Rotterdam to benefit from the city’s gastronomic richness.

Room Mate Bruno was designed in a spectacular way by the famous Italian architect Teresa Sapey, who has been able to combine tradition and avant-garde trends within a building that preserves its original structure, allowing visitors to take a journey through the historic colonies Dutch. Color, nautical elements and Flemish paintings play a very important role in the furnishing of the hotel.

excellence magazine room mate hotels brunoThe words of Kike Sarasola, President and Founder of Room Mate Hotels: “I am particularly excited about our arrival in Rotterdam. Room Mate Bruno is a hotel full of history, located in the heart of a city that I love and in a unique area, a true architectural hub, where you can stroll among buildings by the most famous architects in the world. Bruno, designed by the renowned Italian architect Teresa Sapey, demonstrates the unstoppable growth of our chain“.

In addition to the unique design and unique location, guests staying with Bruno can take advantage of Room Mate‘s innovative services, including breakfast until noon (because nobody wants to wake up early on holiday) and WiMate, free Wi-Fi only in the hotel, but throughout the city.

Room Mate Bruno is distinguished by the linearity of its forms, the geometric figures that surround it and the exuberant chromaticism. Each floor has a particular combination of colors and tells a different story.

Bruno also hides a secret inside: a wonderful frozen garden. Here the blue and orange colors come together creating an iron island that wraps, in the midnight sun, a spectacular coppery tree. An environment that will make every travel experience unique.

excellence magazine room mate hotels bruno

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