Sustainable Luxury: will Synthetic Diamonds be the Real Sustainable Luxury?

Diamonds: objects of desire since ever

Same chemical composition, same structure and same physical properties.

Synthetic and natural diamonds differ in nothing, the former are simply produced in the laboratory.

The only difference between these two types of minerals is in the origin.

Natural diamonds are found in the subsoil or in gas and oil fields, after having formed in the subsoil, thanks to volcanic movements they go up in the most superficial layers of the Earth and can thus be extracted.

synthetic diamonds

Diamonds: objects of desire since ever

The hardest, brightest and most fascinating stone ever has led the wealthiest men in the world to spend insane amounts to grab the most precious natural diamonds.

Koh-i-noor: this is the name of the most expensive natural diamond in the world. It is a 105-carat stone and a weight of 21.6 grams.

The name is of Persian origin and literally means “mountain of light”.

Like every stone that has gone down in history, also in this case there is a legend that makes this diamond even more fascinating: it is said that every male owner would face death if he wore the Koh-i-noor.

Millions of euros: very often these are the figures required to get hold of a natural diamond.

Synthetic diamonds, on the other hand, are in a range of figures between one thousand and four thousand dollars per carat: much lower figures than those required for a natural diamond.

The difference in price is given by the lower cost in terms of production.

synthetic diamonds

Are sustainable diamonds synthetic ones?

The Natural Diamond Council seems to disagree: companies and laboratories that produce synthetic diamonds would in fact make use of very high quantities of fossil fuels to obtain the energy needed to create these stones.

Martin Roscheisen, CEO of Diamond Foundry, the first US company producing synthetic diamonds, is not of the same opinion.

The entrepreneur has in fact declared that his production is becoming totally “carbon neutral” and uses hydroelectric energy for its productions.

Without a doubt, the extraction of natural diamonds is still today one of the least sustainable procedures in the world, not only in terms of emissions but also in the exploitation of natural resources and labor.

At the moment, therefore, there are many luxury brands that are choosing to move towards synthetic diamonds.

Laboratory stones are less expensive, cheaper and produced by companies that are increasingly striving to become sustainable.

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