The floor to the Merchant of Clouds – Speaking of… a Tycoon armchair!

And here comes a new seat!

The new seat we call Money Money and we designed because we were thinking of the new masters of the world today, the famous tycoons of finance, the ones who realise that money makes money, so they get rich without working and without effort. These people consider manufacturing industries no more than pawns in their game and need to finally have a chair that somehow represents them.

They can’t be expected to sit on the old armchairs used by heads of industry or old-fashioned industrialists, they’d feel so out of place because they’re the new masters of the universe. So we designed an armchair, a coin purse, like a big money bag that can hold their wealth and where they can loll about comfortably without straying too far from their money, and this will certainly comfort them greatly, to be able to rest their weary limbs after all the atrocious effort they have to do to keep making money from money.


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