The floor to the Merchant of Clouds – Speaking of…Leonardo

Roll up, roll up, ladies and gentlemen, this is a dreamlike fairytale, a fairytale that started 50 years ago, a fairytale with fantastic utopias and bizarre characters. Speaking of bizarre characters… here’s Leonardo, the sofa that is swathed in the American flag.

In reality Leonardo isn’t a sofa, it’s a modular. If we put all the pieces together it becomes a cube and from this cube you can pull out a sofa, you can turn it into a bed, you can make a central seat, you can turn it into sculptures.
It’s actually a game, one that has a practical function but that was meant to be ironic about the meaning that the American flag had acquired in recent years, meaning in the 60s. It’s a sofa that mocks the modular sofas of the time that were always described as modular, and then however you recomposed them, they were always the same. Actually this sofa is always different but it always composes the Stars and Stripes and so the concept it expresses is always the same. Why the American flag in the 1960s? Well, we were fighting and protesting in the streets against the war in Vietnam, because the American flag, for us who were young at the time, back in the 60s, had meant a lot of things before the war in Vietnam. It was the flag that represented Kerouac on the streets of the West, or at least the North American West, on the road. It was the flag that had represented the American Revolutionary War, the first of a democracy struggling against the empires and kingdoms of Europe. It was the flag that had defeated slavery in the South, it was the flag that had accompanied American troops when they helped free us from the Nazis, so it was a flag that had been covered over time with many positive signs that inspired the imaginations of our young people, and which at that time was stained with the use being made of it ​​by the great powers who were dropping napalm on the Vietnamese. And so taking the object, the flag, the symbol, the signs, and making them into a toy, a modular sofa, meant recovering the sign of the beautiful Stars and Stripes and throwing away everything that had stained them.

But Leonardo is just one Merchant of Clouds fairytale characters, want to discover more? See you here for the next one!

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