The Gruppo UNA recipe for Italian hospitality

On the occasion of the Rimini Hospitality Day we had the opportunity to interview Fabrizio Gaggio, General Manager of the UNA Group, the largest Italian hotel chain with 46 structures divided into 3 brands UNA Esventure, UNAHOTELS and UNAWAY
UE MilanoVerticale Milano rooftop nightview

Greater control, greater quality, better service, this is the recipe of Gruppo UNA for Italian hospitality.

From 11 to 15 October Rimini became the Italian capital of hospitality. A real event that saw on the 12th day 3 high-level training events, Hospitality Day, ITHIC, Leadership from Chaos, organized by the consulting and training company Teamwork, filling the Palacongressi with over 3,800 participants from all over Italy, tour operators and big names in the sector, as well as the participation of the Minister of Tourism Garavaglia.

Listening to the experience and advice of the best professionals in the sector was also this year the strong point of the event. To close the week in the Rimini exhibition center SIA, Hospitality Design, the trade fair which has reached its 70th birthday.

Precisely on the occasion of the Rimini Hospitality Day we had the opportunity to interview Fabrizio Gaggio, General Manager of the UNA Group, the largest Italian hotel chain with 46 structures divided into 3 brands UNA Esperienze, UNAHOTELS and UNAWAY.

A new renaissance is emerging in the world of Italian hotellerie. After a year and a half of perfect storm, the air of optimism and innovation begins to breathe again.

It is true! This 2021 has been characterized by a great ferment also within us. Gruppo UNA is investing significantly in the most popular tourist squares.

Let’s take the capital for example. Gruppo UNA passes from the current 200 rooms of the UNAHOTELS Decò to almost double the offer with the entry of two new realities: the Hotel Art by the Spanish Steps, a 47-room boutique hotel and UNAWAY Hotel Empire Rome in via Aureliana with 117 rooms will diversify the range of our Roman offer.

UW Hotel Empire Roma reception
UW Hotel Empire Roma reception

And next year we will have a new opening in the heart of Trastevere, an area where there is currently no great receptivity. The project, which sees the renovation of a building from the early 1900s, will tell the story of Rome in its maximum expression.

Furthermore, we would also like to grow in Rome in the serviced apartments sector, as we have already done recently in Florence, Viareggio and Milan.

In fact, we strongly believe in the hybrid offer and the 63 apartments of Torre GalFa, an iconic building for the Milanese city, a symbol of innovation that has always been, with a dedicated concierge, a spectacular view and an attractive design offer excellent hospitality to those in need of a class stay for a medium term.


Let’s not forget that also in Milan, in May, we inaugurated the prestigious flagship hotel Milano Verticale | ONE Esperienze. A new multifaceted and dynamic point of reference for those who visit, but also for those who live in the city of the Madonna, thanks also to a prestigious food and wine offer declined in three different solutions. A true icon of architectural, gastronomic and experiential Milanese style.

UE MilanoVerticale Milano garden
UE MilanoVerticale Milano garden

This year’s theme of the SIA trade fair was Be confident, an invitation to build authentic relationships of trust between companies and customers. How has your group declined this invitation in the face of a more aware consumer who today asks for products that first of all guarantee safety and well-being?

Since the beginning of the pandemic, our group has set up a dedicated task force to define and manage the application of a safety protocol, UNAsafe, in order to protect the health of our guests and employees. We have also studied and offered our guests an insurance policy to cover the health risks associated with the pandemic and we have strongly sponsored the vaccination of our employees by taking part in the Unipol Group corporate vaccination program.

UE Hotel Art Rome exibition
UE Hotel Art Rome exibition

On the other hand, our efforts have always been in the direction of maximum guarantee of safety and hygiene, as confirmed by the many awards received including the Trusted cleanliness by Trustyou for cleaning in our hotels. Our latest initiative to protect MICE customers and our employees introduces the possibility of carrying out pre-event rapid antigenic swabs directly at the hotel for those who do not have a Green Pass, to enjoy in complete safety the events that are finally starting again. More control, more quality, better service this is our motto and the feedback from guests is proving us right with an average rating that has risen in recent years.

As far as wellness is concerned, Gruppo UNA believes that, alongside an innovative product offer that is in step with the times, there must always be a unique, exclusive and attentive service; in this inseparable combination of product and service lies, in our view, true luxury.

We want to offer a true all-round experience to our guests, providing hospitality with the best that the territory in which the host structure is located has to offer.

An effort to control and customize the service on which we are working hard, also exploring the new frontiers of management innovation.

Gruppo UNA wants to be an innovator both from the point of view of product and company management by implementing the best IT solutions on the market in order to optimize the offer and better track the needs of the clients.

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