The Merchant of Clouds

Founded in Turin (Italy) in 1965, Studio65 with his leader Franco Audrito is an international company that develops architectural and interior design projects along with all engineering consultant services. Assisted by his foreign offices based in the Middle East (Jeddah, Riyadh, Abu Dhabi), Indonesia (Bali), and China (Beijing), coordinates its projects in many different countries of the world.

Studio65 pursues projects of high quality on architectural, engineering and environmental aspects, especially master planning, architectural design, urban design, interior design, landscape design and high site supervision.

Besides, Franco Audrito, internationally acclaimed designer, invites visitors to enter into the world of Studio65 and his Cultural Association ‘The Merchant of Clouds’. Half a century later, the iconic works by Studio65 continue to fill the most beautiful homes and the most important modern art museums with creativity all over the world (among these, MOMA in New York and Vitra Design Museum in Basel): lip-sofas and capital-chairs, flag-sofas and coin purse-footstools- everyday objects brought to life through the irreverent search for the life-force at the center of innovation.

Without forgetting the still-current architecture of the 60’s and 70’s, symbolic of the cultural revolution of the time, and more recent projects that, with their unchanging freedom, fantasy and thirst for knowledge have seduced audiences across the world. The new partnership between Studio65 and Lauro & Partners will make it possible to take on synergistically unique subjects of common interest for projects relating to architecture and interior design of the highest level. Let’s follow this fascinating history  through Excellence Magazine newsletter and visiting the website:

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