The Merchant of Venice meets Venissa

Two Venetian excellences bring to light the ancient traditions and the splendor of the Serenissima.

While the city was living the 74th Venice Film Festival, in the splendid setting of the The Merchant of Venice boutique in Campo San Fantin, near La Fenice Opera House (San Marco 1895), in an ancient pharmacy of the 19th century, exclusive fragrances, made with the finest raw materials, met the magical taste of wines produced by Venissa.

In the Venissa estate on the Island of Mazzorbo, thanks to Gianluca Bisol’s witty audacity, an ancient vine was harvested and produced the “Dorona”, a precious wine known as “golden grapes” since the Venetian Doges in which they are enclosed scents that characterize the islands of the Venetian lagoon with its unique and unmistakable habitat. A unique vineyard, where the vine has found a magic balance between the fertility of the vineyards and the constant threat of salt and water. Venissa joins another Venetian tradition of the golden leaf still produced today by the Berta Battiloro family in Venice. This was the idea of ​​Giovanni Moretti, one of the greatest Murano glass artists, Venissa’s bottle maker. The golden leaf is melted in the glass and each bottle is numbered by hand, engraving the number on the glass.

For the occasion, the Venissa wines have been combined with the unique and refined The Merchant of Venice Murano Art Collection, perfumed extracts that represents the most exclusive collection characterized by an olfactory composition in which precious flowers, spices and citrus scents are carefully selected.

The Murano Art Collection is the perfect blend of perfumed art and Murano masters craftsmanship, combining the highest olfactory ambition with the stylistic elegance of handmade jars in unique pieces by glassmasters, using the techniques and the most sophisticated materials of the millennial production of Murano glass.
The fragrances, exclusive Extrait de Parfum, contained in exclusive 30ml glass fialoids, were made using the finest raw materials, infused with a high concentration of essential oil for exceptional diffusion power and a long lasting persistence on the skin.
The concept of The Merchant of Venice draws inspiration and completion from the first Perfume Museum created through the agreement with the Civic Museum Foundation. In the halls of the sixteenth century Palazzo Mocenigo, wonderfully set up by Pier Luigi Pizzi, a stimulating museum path through multimedia content, sensory experiences and valuable and rare objects will illustrate the multi-century bond between the Serenissima and the history of Perfume.

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