La Contessina, elegance and harmony

The superfine quality furnishings evoke the style, the charm and elegance of an epoch when the beauty and the harmony undoubtedly reigned.

La Contessina was born in hill country once ruled over by Countess Matilda of Canossa, an area that has inspired many poets and writers. It began as a small craft workshop, born of the enthusiasm of a woman in love with elegance and style that was determined to create unique and original furnishing accessories. Her work conveys the atmosphere of these places of historical interest and beauty with renewed grace and charm. Harmony is wonderfully expressed in this setting, beauty born of the passion involved in designing and researching, then painstakingly manufacturing, products bearing La Contessina signature. Every piece, created in an unmistakeable and authentic style, is the fruit of biographical study and research. Careful attention to details ensures that La Contessina products are distinctive and prestigious. La Contessina offers a wide range of products to its Clients. To offer the widest choice the selection is designed, in terms of style and color variants to meet all the requirements of interior decoration (from the complete master bed room to the smallest accessories). The style of La Contessina renews nowadays the Italian Renaissance. Every article is realized in combination with the others and each combination is well studied in every particular matter to assure the realization of the particular and prestigious product. All the works are mostly hand made using wood and embroidered textiles. Among the textiles used: velvet, voile with applications and silk with golden thread.

To make authentic high quality products the special treatment is required in every stage of manufacturing. The quality control guarantees the perfect realization of the product. On request of the Client the designers of La Contessina can design the project using personalized measures and decors, consulting the best models and the most suitable colors combinations.

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