The Merchants – Steak & Grill Restaurant

Award-Winning Steakhouse in Spain.

When it comes to a steakhouse, certain images that are characteristic of this type of establishment traditionally come to mind. But whatever your experience with steakhouses, The Merchants – Steak & Grill in Palma always has cards up its sleeve to surprise or even amaze you. Every time visitors come here, they enjoy an impeccable dining experience and a unique atmosphere that sets them apart from other similar venues. Luxury Lifestyle Awards have recognized The Merchants’ outstanding achievement in 2021 and yet again in 2022 in the category of Best Luxury Steakhouse in Spain.

The Merchants – Steak & Grill in Palma is a distinctive New York-style steakhouse located in the heart of Mallorca in an area favored centuries ago by sailors and merchants who sailed here from the Mediterranean.

The restaurant, owned by Five Senses Hospitality, opened in 2020 at the famous five-star Palacio Can Marques Hotel. Five Senses Hospitality under the leadership of Edgar Lagassi and his partners Andrius Kulbokas and Mariusz Szymecki has already demonstrated an unconventional and effective approach to creating and developing food & beverage concepts on examples of other prominent facilities such as KOH Palma, BEATNIK Palma, WINEING, and others. The creators of The Merchants have reimagined the classic steakhouse concept into something more universal and fresher. Here you can choose between indoor and outdoor dining options; the courtyard of The Merchants is cozily shaded by palm trees, fig-trees, and cherry trees, allowing you to enjoy the cool and fresh breeze from the sea.

The Merchants – Steak & Grill in Palma menu creatively combines first-class steaks with fresh seafood, gourmet meats, and surf & turf dishes, classic cocktails, and innovative drinks.

To learn more about The Merchants – Steak & Grill in Palm and the gourmet dining experiences it offers, visit

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