Cipria is the new Giorgio Armani collection

epa10492820 A model presents a creation by Italian label Armani from the women’s Fall-Winter 2023-24 collection during the Milan Fashion Week, in Milan, Italy, 26 February 2023. The Milano Fashion Week Women’s runs from 22 to 27 February. EPA/MATTEO CORNER

Sartorial pieces are influenced by oriental aesthetics.

Cipria is the title of the collection that Giorgio Armani presented on February 26, in via Borgonuovo.

An intimate moment that marked the opening of the show, when the lights went up and illuminated three models intent on chatting as if they were busy freshening up and doing their make-up in a private dimension, that discreet gesture of powdering your nose…

The wardrobe, made up of 74 looks, accompanies the idea of gentle domesticity with its fluid and precious image: silky dresses such as pajamas, enveloping shawls, soft trousers, pullovers, elongated jackets and long dresses.

Many ingredients and key codes of the designer’s aesthetics, with groups of interconnected looks that often seemed united by the choice of jewels, more precisely by the earring.

There are two recurring decorative solutions in the collection: a stylized flower, a synthesis of grace, delicacy and discretion and a play of contrasts between glossy and opaque, which recall the effects of the marble of the set.

Another focal point is the experimentation linked to the processing of ecological furs with inlays of silk strips, scarves and berets edged with fringes of dancing beads, almost as if to design luminous hairstyles, to give allure and mystery.

The sartorial pieces were influenced by oriental aesthetics, another point of reference for the style that has characterized the collections proposed by King Giorgio for decades.

All very calm, all very reassuring, because Armani’s fashion never seems to create confusion, rather it is the expression of a feminine language outside the spotlight.

The rediscovery of a more intimate dimension, reminiscent of those moments when you stand aside to powder your face.




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