The most luxurious cruises? They will be with the new hybrid ship

The sustainable luxury cruise ship

The summer of 2023 will see a new queen of the seas.

This is Silver Nova, the first hybrid cruise ship launched by the company Silversea Cruises.

The brand is known to lovers of luxury travel: based in the principality of Monaco, Silversea has always offered its lucky customers unique and exclusive travel experiences.

Silver Nova: the operational phases

The first voyage of this extra-luxury wonder of the seas has already begun.

The first phase of the project is taking place in the shipyards of Papenburg, in the north of Germany, of the company Meyer Werft.

Electric motors and batteries will make Silver Nova a sustainable cruise ship, with a significant reduction in emissions during docking in port.

In fact, in these moments, the impact on the environment is more significant.

The ship will be able to carry, thanks to electric motors, 728 passengers with a structure of over 54 thousand tons.

Not just batteries: another innovative source of energy to move the ship will be LNG, Liquefied Natural Gas; once again luxury and sustainability meet.

The sustainable luxury cruise ship

According to forecasts, Silver Nova should lead to a 40% reduction in emissions in the double cabin (an environment that has nothing to envy to a 5-star suite) compared to the previous company’s ship.

Also interesting is the solution whereby the ship will be able to turn off the LNG engines and not pollute thanks to a micro-system of self-gasification.

Silver Nova is a record-breaking ship: it will exceed the energy efficiency index indicated by the requirements of the International Maritime Organization by 25%.

There will be no lack of luxury: first of all? Service.

The ratio between the number of passengers and the number of personnel will in fact rise from 1 to 1 to 1 to 1.3.

Anyone wishing to book a ticket for this exclusive sustainable luxury cruise experience will be able to do so starting next December 16th.

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