The Royal Train Restaurant Car of Palazzo di Varignana

An authentic vintage carriage born in 1921 brought back to life.

Palazzo di Varignana expands its catering offer by presenting the Treno Reale Carrozza Ristorante.

The protagonist of this experience is an authentic vintage carriage, born in 1921, which has been regenerated and brought back to life.


With this new restaurant, the resort immersed in the Bolognese hills continues the recovery and regeneration project strongly desired by the founder, born from the restoration of native crops and which has also seen him protagonist of interventions on ancient farmhouses transformed into luxury villas.


For the realization of the venue, Palazzo di Varignana involved architects, scenographers, scholars of royal carriages of the time, as well as expert craftsmen for the meticulous gold leaf decorations and the artist Giovanni Bressana for the artistic pictorial decoration.

The train-restaurant is the setting for the culinary proposal of the Executive Chef of Palazzo di Varignana Davide Rialti. The kitchen takes guests on a culinary journey which, through the menu, celebrates the routes and historical period of the Royal Train.

The restaurant, open every Saturday, has 22 seats arranged between the central body and a private room. Dinner begins at 20.30 with a whistle so as to simulate the departure of the journey.

The restaurant completes the gastronomic offer of Plazzo Varignana, alongside Il Grifone with its fine dining proposal, Aurevo Poll Restaurant with its contemporary oil-centric cuisine and Le Marzoline dedicated to traditional Emilian cuisine.

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