Roberto D’Elia “Training 4.0: The Future”

New stage of presentation in Milan.

A new and significant stage for the presentation of Roberto D’Elia’s manual, “Formation 4.0: the future”, published by the GoldenGate of Rome, was held in Milan at the Club Canottieri Olona, organized by Leonardo srl.

The round table was introduced and moderated by Senator Raffaele Lauro, editorial curator of the work of the consultant from Eboli, defined as a “revolutionary and highly innovative contribution” in the processes of training, research and development of companies.

Giancarlo Presutto, sole director of Leonardo srl, greeted the audience of selected speakers and participants in the meeting, underlining the brilliant results achieved in the training sector by the company he leads, as well as the ongoing projects realization.

In the lively and interesting discussion on the contents of the work, the following spoke in order: Andrea Cocchi, CEO Ali group Emea&Apac; Matteo Ferrari, Webtek Spa SB sales manager; Graziano Mesuraca, president of FenImpreseMilano; Giuliano Rorato, Sales Manager Triveneto Leonardo srl and Daniel Philps, CEO Sagl.

With an articulated and in-depth speech, the author, in addition to the ritual acknowledgments, underlined the technical aspects of his manual, as well as the elaborated scientific model, the result of ten years of professional experience, as well as the constructive and decisive contribution of training in the process of technological and digital modernization of national companies, now essential to face competition, at European and international level.

The work was concluded brilliantly by the president of the Budget Commission of the Municipality of Milan, Simonetta D’Amico, who shared the general appreciation for D’Elia’s work and illustrated the advanced technological modernization projects, carried out and in progress implementation by the Municipality of Milan.

Great satisfaction for the success of the event, on the part of the organizers and all the participants in the meeting.


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