The Wind in the Sails. Ennevolte’s welfare engagement services

An exclusive club, where you can feel appreciated and valued

ENNEVOLTE is an online platform that offers registered companies a rich proposal of conventions in free solutions and modalities to increase the well-being of their collaborators through a wide range of dedicated activities, events, initiatives, products and services, ranging from culture to art, from tourism to hospitality to fashion, technology and furniture.

It is its own corporate welfare program that aims to increase the motivation and sense of belonging to the affiliated company among employees, in turn generating a virtuous circle that improves individual well-being levels and professional performance.

This program builds a network of relationships and initiatives that puts the wind in the sails of aggregation, social gratification and business relationships.

An exclusive club, where you can feel appreciated and valued

Through Ennevolte it will be possible to obtain agreements for different types of leisure and entertainment services. Ennevolte enhances and enhances the importance of culture, offering incentives for theatrical performances and concerts throughout the Italian territory. As a special partner for families looking for fun, Ennevolte aims to organize themed visits and play games around Italy, before and throughout the customer experience.

Do you want to leave? The platform offers various agreements, trips across the continent, with ad hoc solutions in specific hotels, offering specialized solutions and services in the tourism sector. But that’s not all… the network expands and also includes unique solutions for the furniture and fashion sector.


File rouge is an accurate and attentive customer care

It is a tool available to the managerial figures of large and small-medium enterprises, a versatile and fluid online platform, intuitive and easy to use and always updated with exclusive services made available by prestigious partners.

The Ennevolte network now has over 1400 companies that are part of a large community. The mission is to provide services and, in future projection, also to make the identification, selection and creation of opportunities available to the affiliated companies. The quality of the service offered, the care and attention to the community at every stage, distinguish Ennevolte’s profile on the market.

Communication and constant updating on web channels, digital marketing actions and communication on social networks with sophisticated videos and images are one of the characteristics of Ennevolte, which with a targeted and dynamic approach helps to give vitality to the proposals towards its members and to create and keep the sense of the community alive.

In this way, Ennevolte positions itself as a reference B2B brand in the sector of corporate agreements and an ideal partner for the company in support of Employer Engagement policies, in a logic of constant growth and innovation, able to offer a new service in the sector. tourism, culture and leisure in a marketplace logic. This is precisely the real novelty and peculiarity of Ennevolte, the development of a project in the world of hospitality, which places them as intermediaries in an innovative business model, spokespersons in the creation of a tourism marketing portal.

Ennevolte is a travel companion, an incentive and motivation tool for its employees, made up of convenient and quality purchase opportunities, a concrete advantage for each individual.

Creativity, quality and functionality! This is Ennevolte!

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