Tips by Gandola Studio for hair wellness in summer

June is just around the corner and summer is finally here.

The right dose of sunlight stimulates cell reproduction, prompting hair growth, as well as helping microbes to re-stabilise our lipidic layer, which is fundamental for elastic, well-hydrated skin ready to accommodate the growth of new and healthy hair. We all know, however, that too much sun is bad for us: UV rays affect not only our bodies, but our hair. Too much sun exposure combined with not using the right products will result in damage to the fibre of the hair. The sun tends to dry out hair, causing split ends. Photo-oxidation destabilises the chemical bonds in keratin, making hair weaker, more fragile and less elastic and porous, resulting in the ends of individual hairs splitting. If this is combined with handling our hair roughly with combs and brushes, then the number of traumas will increase, creating small nodes on individual hairs (trichorrhexis nodosa), which though small, are bad news as they cause the hair to break.

It’s important that we care for our hair in our everyday lives, not just when we’re on the beach on holiday, as this is where dehydration can start if we don’t look after ourselves. To keep your hair and scalp healthy when you’re at the beach, make sure you wash your hair and apply products that will protect it from sun and salt damage before you head out. Throughout the day, make sure you rinse your hair with fresh water to remove sea salt, before reapplying your haircare product to top up the UV protection.

Gandola Studio recommends the sun kit from La Biosthétique Paris, a leader in the field of cosmetics, to protect your hair and skin. The new sun treatments from the Biosthétique Soleil line feature the highest level UV protection, which works at the bio-technological level to protect and regenerate. What’s more, in the Studio we provide skin and hair treatments, using lotions that are specifically designed for fine, difficult and damaged hair, as well as hair that has been altered by the environment or due to regenerative products containing hyaluronic acid.

excellence magazine gandola studioAnd now that you’ve read our advice, there’s nothing left for you to do but go and book your holiday!

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