Cafés in Paris that you’ll be swooning over before Maison et Objet

Paris is widely known for its coffee and tasty breakfast treats such as the ever so famous croissant or the colorful macarons. Now that Maison is just around the corner, it’s your chance to taste them when you visit Paris for the design event of the year! Let’s take you on a journey to discover cafés in Paris you just can’t miss!

A neat little coffee shop in the 1st Arrondissement, Télescope is a lot more than just the right place to have your morning coffee. It’s also a stunning minimalist café that you’ll want to spend time in, enjoying the design that surrounds you, the smell of fresh out of the oven pastries and the amazing coffee grounds being treated so affectionately by the baristas.

Holybelly opened in 2013 and it’s still one of the best cafés in Paris. Providing their costumers with high-quality coffee beans, amazing service, and one of the best brunches in town. You’ll also be able to thoroughly enjoy the interior design, making you feel right at home.

Café Méricourt
With an inviting, bright green facade, wooden and white elements on the interior and a casual, modern environment. You can easily grab an amazing cup of coffee first thing in the morning, as well as a filling breakfast, or grab a casual lunch with friend or family member.

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O Cofeeshop
A surf-inspired coffee shop that will inspire you to try new something new. With light and beautiful colors, both outside on the facade, and inside, you’ll get to enjoy the light-blonde wood, marble tabletops, and turquoise accents while you take a sip of your morning coffee. Feel the sea entering the space every time you look around you. You’ll find a calmness that is impossible to resist.

Peloton has got it all: a minimalist interior design, amazing coffee, and cycling. Yes, you heard it right! You can get your coffee or grab a tasty breakfast followed by the rental of one of their bikes so you can properly enjoy the city while riding through the beautiful streets. Now this is a business idea we respect!

A small café, typically Parisian, with vintage chairs and tables, a coffee bar and mirrors to make the space look bigger than it actually is, Neighbours is the kind of coffee shop that stay in people’s hearts and make them come back for more. In fact, many consider Neighbours to sell the best coffee in town. With inside and outside seating to enjoy this amazing beverage that is so well celebrated in this town, you will find yourself completely and utterly in love, not only for this coffee shop but Paris as well.

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