Valentino announces the debut of the Valentino Vintage project

Valentino Vintage starts from a graphic sign, a logo that contains all the Valentino logos, and with them the stories of the garments that wear them on their label.

Sometimes they got intertwined, sometimes they quickly drifted away and lost track of them. But each comes from the same initial explosion that determined its existence. It is now linked to it. A line that becomes a circle, in turn a sign of a different, unanimous and conscious approach

It is with these words that the Valentino maison announces the debut of the Valentino Vintage project, for which a two-phase development has been studied.

Valentino vintage

From October 27th – continues the note – a page on the website will be activated which will give all the indications to give a second life to Valentino garments. By connecting to the site, you can access the page with the contacts of the vintage stores participating in this initiative and request an evaluation of your Valentino garment. If the evaluation is positive and you want to give your garment a new life, you will receive a credit to spend in specific Valentino boutiques.

The selected vintage stores and the corresponding Valentino boutiques are as follows: Madame Pauline Vintage and the Valentino single-brand store in Montenapoleone (both in Milan), New York Vintage and the Valentino store in Soho (New York), Resurrection and the Valentino boutique in Beverly Hills (Los Angeles), Laila Tokio and Valentino in Omotesando (Tokyo).

The customer can therefore propose his garment directly to the vintage store he has selected. To activate the process of digital evaluation of their garment by the business, the customer must send the photo. If the garment is evaluated positively, the store will send an email to the consumer inviting him to make an appointment, offering a range of value for the item.

Valentino vintage

In this way, the customer can freely choose whether to make an appointment with the vintage store and sell their garment on that occasion. Upon the sale of the garment, he will receive a voucher that the customer can spend in the Valentino boutique associated with the selected vintage store.

In the second phase of the project, from January 2022, the vintage stores will begin sales with a Valentino Vintage selection. Further details regarding phase two will be released in the

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