BRAFA is reinventing itself with its initiative BRAFA in the Galleries 

BRAFA by Tour & Taxis has been postponed to 2022, due to the problems due to social distancing.

But the organizers devised an alternative event that took place from 27 to 31 January 2021, which connects the exhibitions set up in the galleries with art objects presented online and original videos made by gallery owners.

A creative response to difficult times! 2020 was an unprecedented year and 2021 is difficult to predict… In the art market, cancellations, postponements and online events continue.

BRAFA, which usually takes place in late January, has taken on an innovative form: 129 art and antiques dealers, spread across 14 countries and 38 cities, have set up exhibitions in galleries or online.

Gallery exhibitions are at the heart of the initiative, based on the selection of pieces by exhibitors for BRAFA 2021. In the towns and cities where galleries can open, customers and collectors are invited to visit in person, following the rules in force.

As the art galleries are not generally designed to accommodate large crowds, they are better suited to the restrictions currently imposed.

These exhibitions will be featured on the BRAFA website, where each exhibitor has their own page. In total, over 950 works will be presented! You can search by country, city, specialty or gallery, making it easy to find a piece you want to admire.

Numerous participating galleries have created their own introductory videos which serve as an invitation to peruse their selection of pieces.

Collected in a “video library” on the BRAFA home page and widely shared on social media, they also feature a wonderful range of personalities, styles, stories and are often very creatively shot.

With this initiative, BRAFA directly supported the participating galleries (no participation fee was requested), keeping the relationship with visitors as warm as possible.

The philosophy behind the event could be resumed as follows:

since you cannot come to BRAFA, BRAFA will come to you!

In these difficult times, we want nothing more than to offer a glimmer of hope

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