Baglioni Hotels: the new formula of Italian hospitality

Meeting with Guido Polito – Managing Director of Baglioni Hotels Group – and Ms. Lo Mastro who has been combining synergies between Excellence and Baglioni Hotels for years, at Hotel Carlton Baglioni in Milan.

Mr. Polito, what is Baglioni Hotels’ philosophy?
Baglioni’s philosophy is based on hospitality the Italian way. We are the only luxury group in the hospitality sector that still remains completely Italian, as far as property and management, so we are offering services and experiences centred round the three pillars that made our country be famous: food, culture and style.

How has luxury hotellerie changed in these recent years?
Clients have become increasingly sophisticated, with very high expectations during their stay. Baglioni Hotels respond to this change offering a series of experiences that I would define memorable.

excellence magazine baglioni hotelsWhat do these experiences give?
In all the cities, we are working to develop a series of partnerships at local level to create experiences around the three pillars of Italianity I was mentioning before, but I want to speak of Assoluto, that is this concept’s epitome. It is a leading programme dedicated to the most demanding and sophisticated clients, who stay in the most important suites of ours. To these guests, Baglioni Hotels give the opportunity to meet the Italian excellences. Not only great minds of the design and fashion world, but also great chefs, football world champions, artists and singers. Baglioni makes it possible to meet and know people and the work that is behind them.

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Talking about future projects, we know that you are going to open a resort in Maldives at the end of the year. In what sense Baglioni will make the difference?
Our Italian DNA will be taken to Maldives. Guests will find Italian excellences such as Ferrari Spumanti for aperitif, Frette for towels and bedclothes, V73 for handmade straw bags. We have also signed an agreement with Apreamare, who will supply us with a new boat for the classical trip to the Maldivian islands.

excellence magazine baglioni hotelsMs Lomastro, could you make us any anticipation regarding the synergies that you are realizing, as Ambassador, between Excellence Magazine and Baglioni Group?
I am working in the World Food Programme, a charitable organization, chaired by Mr. Sanasi d’Arpe. Together with Luigi Lauro – publisher of Excellence Magazine – we have joined our forces to support the programme to improve nutrition worldwide. I talked to Mr. Polito about it, he agrees in supporting the cause, as he has been cooperating to charity projects with his group for years and we will evaluate possible interventions soon.

What do you think about it, Mr. Polito?
Baglioni Hotels have always been concerning about charity. We have been participating to many events supporting various issues and this makes us all very proud. It is our pleasure to give our aid in conjunction with Excellence Magazine.

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