Clara Toniolo: promise of Swiss skating

Clara Toniolo

Former Swiss Champion.

Clara Toniolo is the princess of skating; at only fourteen years old, she already boasts major milestones: she is part of the Swiss National Team Novice U15 and is a champion of the Swiss Champion U13.

Excellence Magazine
, strong in the values that sport conveys to young people, signed an agreement for a testimonial collaboration with Clara, supporting her in the forefront of her bright and future career.

A passion that started at a very young age, from when she first put on skates.
A wonderful feeling that today sees her engaged in daily workouts of at least three hours, reconciling competitive activities with school.

Clara Toniolo

A constant effort to improve every day, to make every performance perfect, where skating is also combined with choreography and dance, made with Corrado Giordani, former first dancer of the Milan Scala.

Among the most significant experiences for Clara to be highlighted is that of this year’s Swiss championships, which saw her win.
It was an important, unique opportunity that allowed her to truly compete at a professional level.

Future goals, including in the new season of course, include the desire to continue to represent Switzerland at international competitions, as we did last year.
In the long term, on the other hand, there is the dream of being able to participate in the Olympics: a goal that every athlete, of any discipline, aims to achieve.

For Clara, as is often the case for many young people, sports is the means to free the mind.
A passion that wants to become his job. Fundamental, he emphasizes, is also the fact that first and foremost, fun must be the basis of everything: not only the goals are important, but also feeling good about doing something.
Sports then is also a way to get to know other young people, other realities and mentalities: beyond the competition you create a group, people with the same passions who also had fun outside the track. Meeting new people and relating to different worlds is beautiful.

Clara Toniolo

Of course, the athlete puts his or her best effort to win, but at the same time, he or she also cheers for others. The happiness and values of sports also emerge when a friendly person, even if an opponent in the race, wins or achieves a great finish. Sports are about healthy competition, but mutual support is certainly important as well.

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