Silvia Nair

Silvia Nair
© Fabrizio Fenucci

The power of singing.

It’s definitely not easy for an artist to expertly mix different musical tones and frequencies; however, the classicalsymphonic formation of singer Silvia Nair blends well with her rock and pop style, making it unique on the music scene thanks to an absolutely extraordinary vocal range – 4 octaves – marked by undeniable inner elegance.

Her elegance is also reflected in her aristocratic bearing in the scenographic video clip shot at the Royal Palace of Caserta for the album “Luci e Ombre”, produced by Ala Bianca, Warner distribution, like the previous “Sunrise” and “Ithaca”. For “L’Ombra sul cammino”, the singer embodies a dark lady, a witch, looking seductive in a black lace mask and wrapped in a fluttering silk cape, moving gracefully and sinuously, reminiscent of the queen who once asked “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”

Silvia Nair
© Fabrizio Fenucci

She’s extraordinary in “Mi troverai sempre qui”, a duet with the famous tenor Vittorio Grigolo, whose video is set in Venice in a noble palace dating back to 1456, among the Venetian streets, on gondolas, celebrating a couple of lovers’ heart wrenching story.

And again, she’s in Prague for “Sono qui” where she showcases her splendid Mediterranean beauty. Always refined but not severe, endowed with innate charisma and friendliness, her art fully reflects her personality in real life. We are talking about a singer, performer, pianist, author, and composer of the songs she interprets, as well as of film and documentary soundtracks.

Among her various collaborations at the highest level, we mention Lucio Dalla, Franco Battiato, Ron, Claudio Baglioni. She has also perfomed in Brazil, China and Jordan and sang at the Vatican for Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI. An established professional, she welcomes invitations to very prestigious galas such as the Carousel of Hope Ball 2010 in Los Angeles, as well as the Beverly Hills Hilton, rubbing shoulders with stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Jane Fonda, Tom Hanks, Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones…

Cantante Silvia Nair
© Fabrizio Fenucci

In 2020 “Luci e Ombre” was released, her third album of unreleased tracks. A highly romantic and incisive symphonic pop and rock album, in which Silvia Nair showcases her beautiful representation of human nature and the journey of life with the participation of two international stars: tenor Vittorio Grigolo and violinist David Garrett, boasting a very prestigious Dutch production by Franck van der Heijden the arranger of other guest stars such as Michael Jackson, Céline Dion, Justin Bieber, and many others, continuing to receive excellent reviews from the media. Thanks to her power and vocal elegance in the song “Show me”, Nair entered the Recording Academy’s selection for nominations at the 2021 Grammy Awards.

Among her many albums, we can remember “Sunrise”, released in Japan and in various Asian countries, where it climbed the sales charts: “Shine on now” for three years was the soundtrack of a well-known TV commercial. “Ithaca”, released in Italy and abroad, is a pleasant album with suggestive piano accompaniment.

With a real stellar career, Nair, tireless and multifaceted, continues to compose several soundtracks. It is worth remembering her docufilm: “El numero nueve – Gabriel Batistuta”, which celebrates the life and career of the Argentine champion and includes the melodious backing piece “Freedom”.

Winner of the Montecarlo Prize and the Lunezia Prize, she also boasts various artistic performances in Italy and Europe with the major symphony orchestras directed by Salvatore Accardo and other Masters, appearing frequently on Rai and Mediaset networks. With her usual sunny disposition, she tells us that she graduated in law and embarked on a notary career, which she left to pursue her dream: music.

Sivlia Nair
© Marcello Norberth

At this point in your career, do you feel accomplished?
“No, I’m always going through a constant evolution. My goal, through singing and composing, is to communicate a strong, powerful message of love for life and for yourself. A message of strength, of hope, of courage for the future, that I want to spread to the widest possible audience.”

How do you see yourself?
“In my professional and personal life, I am a contemporary woman who enjoy and lives her life fully, while constantly adapting to changes. I love challenges, I don’t set limits for myself. I have an open and free mind, without preconceptions and prejudices, which helps me to adapt to society’s ever-evolving nature.”

Any future projects?
“The realization of my fourth album as a singer-songwriter and new soundtracks for films and documentaries. My upcoming show “DESIDERI. Da Michelangelo a Fellini” – produced by the English company Only Stage – is forthcoming, where together with the renowned art critic and writer Luca Nannipieri, we will lead the audience into the most powerful human impulses, as told in Art and Cinema. Through images, words, singing, and music. Three invitation-only previews (write to: June 4th at the Teatro Bibiena in Mantua, June 28th at Villa di Bivigliano in Vaglia (Florence), and July 19th at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Club in Rome. The details for the 24/25 tour will be announced later.”

The Silvia Nair's upcoming show "DESIDERI. Da Michelangelo a Fellini" - produced by the English company Only Stage - is forthcoming, with the renowned art critic and writer Luca Nannipieri.

Dreams: to a romantic being like you, what do dreams represent?
“I would say that dreams are my strength, my power. In my song “Ho visto un sogno” (I saw a dream) I talk about the extraordinary power that dreams have: by giving us courage, they help us overcome our fears and obstacles, allowing us to achieve goals we thought were impossible.”

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