GammaDonna and the FAB50s of innovative women’s entrepreneurship

GammaDonna Fab50 imprenditrici italiane premiate

Association honors the 50 most innovative female entrepreneurs of 2023.

GammaDonna, a nonprofit association, supports and promotes the growth of the role of women in the business world to foster sustainable and lasting economic development to help reduce the gender gap in the socio-economic field. Since 2004, it has been working for cultural change in the country, acting as a “talent scout” for innovative models of doing business, enhancing the entrepreneurial initiative of women and young people and encouraging networking among startups, established companies, investors, Big Corp. and institutions.
The GammaDonna Prize over the years has brought authentic, yet little-known talents to the forefront, who over time have established themselves nationally and internationally.

With the goal of continuing to promote entrepreneurial spirit, leadership and innovation across the country, GammaDonna once again gathered this year 50 stories of women-led businesses who belong to different sectors but share the same goal: to make the economy and society more sustainable, equitable and inclusive through the innovation applied to the enterprise and generate a positive impact.

In the list of FAB50 from GammaDonna, the 50 female entrepreneurs, Italy’s most innovative female researchers and scientists of the year, women who with their ideas, talent and resourcefulness have revolutionized the way we live and imagine the future, contributing to our country’s economic, social and technological progress, and who have had the courage to invest in their own ambitious projects and turn them into highly innovative enterprises: from the use of the Industrial AI to reduce waste in manufacturing with the goal of enabling informed and intelligent decisions quickly, to the first platform of skills in business subscription with the aim of eliminating skill mismatch in the labor market, to the dynamics of the gaming as a tool to assess and empower talent to industrially discarded graphite powder to create innovative products that inspire sustainable behaviors through design; and again, a trading platform that revolutionizes the way the waste are traded, tracked and analyzed, leading to better recycling rates and transparency and sustainability goals, the ability to make the most inclusive and environmentally sustainable cities, a disruptive technology that breaks down harmful pollutants and reduces the presence of bacteria and viruses in collective environments.

Through the path of empowerment and enhancement of female entrepreneurship, GammaDonna aims to make gender differences less and less relevant in Italy and abroad“, explains President Valentina Parenti. A challenge we pursue with passion and enthusiasm, to bring out stories of innovation that have transcended all gender stereotypes and are an inspiration to all and sundry. This year’s FAB50s tell us how change is becoming real“.

Watch the video-playlist of innovation stories

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