Happy Birthday Venice!

Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, unique and incredible, priceless UNESCO heritage, this year turns 1600 years old!
VI Trofeo Principato di Monaco Vele d’Epoca Venezia photo Matteo Bertolin

Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, unique and incredible, priceless UNESCO heritage, this year turns 1600 years old!

foto Matteo Bertolin

Tradition has it that Venice was founded on 25 March 421, the day on which the splendid Church of San Giacomo di Rialto was consecrated, probably the oldest in the city. A date that can also be traced back to the manuscript source of the Chronicon Altinate and, in more recent times, to the Renaissance historian Marin Sanudo who, describing the great Rialto fire of 1514 in his Diarii, writes: “Solum remained standing the church of San Giacomo di Rialto, which was the first church built in Venetia of 421 on 25 March, as in our chronic leze”.

The celebrations of this incredible birthday sees Venice as the protagonist of many initiatives that will involve numerous organizations, associations and cultural institutions in the area with events that will be reported on the 1600venezia.it portal and included in the appropriate calendar.


The program

The constantly updated program offers a full calendar of events and many interesting initiatives. The possibility of presenting your own event is interesting: according to the regulation, the proposals must have a historical and cultural link with Venice, in its dimension as a city of land and water and may take place in the national territory as well as in other European and non-European countries.

The type of proposals may include both single celebratory events, as well as actions with a longer duration, as well as initiatives of an intangible/virtual nature. The proposed initiatives will be viewed by a Technical Secretariat and screened by the Scientific Committee to assess their feasibility and compliance with the objectives of the celebrations. Find the request form at this link.

A tribute to Venice

A general call addressed to all those who love the city and want, even on this occasion, to pay homage to the history and values ​​of Venice

explained the mayor Luigi Brugnaro.

In this path, which will accompany us until 25 March 2022, the municipal administration is committed to promoting and coordinating the initiatives related to the celebrations, with the aim of combining the events promoted directly with those prepared by actors, private or public, individuals or in associated form, of the Venetian, Italian and other countries of the world. Venice will thus be celebrated not only here, but in all those places that have linked a part of their history with that of our most Serene city ”, he concluded. “Together, united, despite this difficult period of pandemic, we want to tell the whole world that Venice and Italy are alive and vital!

A year of celebrations

A year of celebrations that officially opened on 25 March last that will accompany Venice until the same day in 2022.

A path that will recall the significant history of the Serenissima that has gone through epochs enriching itself with history, culture, art and unparalleled traditions and crafts.

Venice San Marco Square

The pearl of the Lagoon, which has finally seen the approval of the decree prohibiting large cruise ships from passing through the San Marco basin, will help the city to develop a more sustainable tourism model thanks to greater attention to the territory and to the environmental impact.

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